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The Strange Happenings


Every since I was little I have always been enthused by the thoughts of havings powers such a smind control and seeing ghost. My story start last year when I thought I was dying my organs was failing and I had pain all in my body and I barely had any energy and I knew I was close to death. I ended up staying a night at a hospital, while there I thought I was gone die. I went to sleep felt a little better went home and went to another hospital 30 minutes later. After all the pain I suffered from days later I had little or no pain and gotten better.

Last year I also was able to see many faces when I closed my eyes such aliens, humans of all races and even aniamls.

Since I was little I always heard someone of my family calling my name and them not being around.

This year I heard my mom called my name. I also heard a spirit of high authority intercepted my thoughts and said my name with such power and sent shivers down my body. I also hear voices when I'm off to sleep. I can see black orals or marks in my peripheral. I see visions of spirits when I'm off to sleep. I also can smell weird smells. I can hear noises such as kids playing outside in the winter time and people when no one is out close by. I hear sirens in my ear. I can hear baby crying that's not crying. Today I was looking at the door and started to rock, it stopped and I looked at it again to see if it was me and try to get it moving and it started again.

I need help with my gifts.

Thank you for taking the time out your day to respond to my posting I really appreciate it.

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