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This Is Scaring Me (in A Good Way)


Last week (Wednesday or Thursday morning) my dog woke me up, I never get up angry or upset because of my dog, but that day was different so I got deep in my thoughts and something was telling me that a Mexican actor would have a bad moment, a tiny bad moment. I did not pay attention to it and forgot about it.

Sunday came and with it a TV Mexican show in which this actor was in as a judge. He was called to participate and the contestant played a kind of bad joke (the girl made put a kind of facial cream on his face, brushed his teeth with active charcoal and poked his eye by accident) He was asked if he was ok, he said "I think I am" with tears. I have to say that he was upset by the beginning of the contestant's number, his eyes already were red and watery.

I saw this on video Monday morning.

I told one of my friends to watch the video, she said she didn't like the girl's number or joke to him, and it was obvious he didn't want to participate, she said that he was not happy with the situation and didn't like to see him trying to hide his tears.

Not sure how to take this, this is scaring me even if it's not the first time this kind of things happen to me and my family doesn't believe me or believe that this kind of things exist, they say is just my mind setting up stories and is casualty it became true. The other thing that happened and it was with my brother was that he was dating a girl, I was told she came home to visit him and my mother said that I had to introduce myself, I didn't do it and I was upset, also I said "I don't like her" and had a bad feeling about her, two months later my brother told me that he stopped seeing her and talking to her because of her bad behaviour, jealousy and trust issues. I was thinking "I told you so, but no one believes me".

I need help, I don't know how to take this or what to do.

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