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One Way Of Doing It


I was born in Britain but have lived in New Zealand for the past 59 years. Married with children and grandchildren. Free-thinker but not atheist. No psychic gifts but probably somewhat sensitive. In my last occupation managed a secondhand bookshop for ten years, before that I was a hospital radiographer for 20 years.

The event happened roughly five years ago.

A man ("Bill") came to live on an adjacent section by himself. He

was about my age, ex military or naval, and my wife thought I would be interested to meet and talk to him, but I never got around to it.

One afternoon while he was mowing his lawn with a push mower, I heard him give a loud scream and he fell to the ground, motionless. I leaped over the dividing fence, my wife following, and we gave CPR together. An ambulance arrived with a defibrillator and gave atropine and morphine while we continued, joined by others living nearby, for about an hour. At no stage was there any sign of life, and although there was mention of heart attack, my personal belief was it was more likely to be a stroke. That death had probably occurred before he hit the ground.

We dispersed sadly, but it preyed on my mind whether more could have been done, and particularly the cause of death. I had only taken part in CPR once or twice previously, so the event dominated my mind for days.

Roughly a week later, some hour of the night, I experienced a somewhat 'electric' sense of being rather more awake than usual. The light was off, but I could see clearly as my wife slowly sat up in bed, and sat facing away from me. I sensed that something unusual was happening (and not simply a need to visit the toilet!). I had just realized that she was in trance when she started to talk - in her own voice, but obviously not her own words, eyes shut or downcast, in a matter-of-fact and dry-as-dust tone. It was a pathologist's autopsy report. After droning on for some ten minutes, she got back into bed, fast asleep still. Remembering nothing the next day.

In spite of being very eager to hear every word (delivery was perfectly audible), I found myself much more keen to savour every moment, in order to convince myself it couldn't be a dream, not even a vivid one. Pinching myself and assessing my state of awareness. Etc. In fact I am not sure whether the report indicated stroke or not. It ran SOMETHING like: "On examination, a heavily vascularised angioma of about half the size of a walnut was located arising from the midpoint of the cerebral artery..." - but actually I can't remember a single word. The opportunity to experience proof of consciousness in a deceased person alone occupied my mind. I was not in a position to verify that such a report was made.

I was very grateful for an experience, slightly scary, to confirm my already strong belief in life after death. I assume it was submitted by the deceased himself, and conjecture that it resulted from his gratitude for my help, as if aware of my worry regarding diagnosis.

Such a transmission would, I imagine, be difficult to arrange, and only take place if the deceased were a feisty and determined soul. As I said, I never met Bill, and no nothing about him, but the impression was that he had no real interest in the details of his own death, and chose this highly original method of communication in order to be exact over medical details he thought I needed, that were not comprehensible to him!

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