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I've recently gotten into knowing my spiritual self. Since the summer time I have been experiencing an abundance of synchronicities. I go to Syracuse university but over my winter break I went back home to NYC. I didn't go out much but every time a traveled some place I always saw someone that I haven't seen in a long time. Maybe it was me being synchronized with people in my surroundings. This happened about 8 times and every time I travelled I knew I would see someone and I did. This one trip on the subway I saw three long lost friends in different subway stations.

I've also noticed that I've become more synchronized with my friends body movements and thoughts and actions. I now pay attention the the subtle signs the universe shows me and it pays off.

I've become more in-tuned with communicating with spirits as well. Sometimes before I go to sleep I will ask any spirit to show their presence, they will either start tapping on my walls, or I get rapid body twitches everywhere or hear high pitch frequencies. When I first started my spiritual path I was frightened to communicate with any spirit, but now that I have more experiences, I'm becoming more familiar with how communicating with spirits work.

This one time during the summer when I first started learning about spirituality I was high on weed and it was a little windy and chilly outside, through the wind I heard this very gentle and soothing voice say "Hey Buddy, Its me." this kind of freaked me out because that was the first time I ever heard a voice in my head. It was like a person was speaking from behind my left ear. I've heard this voice a couple times later but only when I get high. It doesn't frighten me anymore but it does startle me because it happens spontaneously. I guess it's through altered consciousness.

I've also become more clairsentient, I feel very soft soothing fingers touch me or I will feel someone nudge me, but I'll be alone.

Does anyone share similar experiences or eerie synchronicities?

If so, please share

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