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Number 77 Following Me


For the past month and a half, I've been seeing the number 77 everywhere. My first experience was walking through my campus at Syracuse University; I saw a van with the year 1977 on it. After that I saw 4 consecutive cars with the number 77 within each license plate. When I went home for thanksgiving break my mother bought a flatscreen television; on the box was a baseball player and his jersey number was 77. On my way home from christmas break I took a greyhound bus with one of my friends. She was charging her phone but her charger kept falling out the outlet, I told her just leave it out and then I asked her how much her percentage was on her phone, she said 77%. I also watch basketball a lot and there were a couple of instances where I would turn to ESPN or TNT and the scores were tied at 77. I also experienced moments where I would think of the number 77 and instantly see it on a license plate. Another time I was in my dorm lounge and a stack of cards *these were special edition deck of cards with some type of information on each card* were scattered on our lounge table. At the very top of those scattered cards was the 77 in a sentence, *I don't remember the sentence I just remember the number 77*

*other instances with the number 7*

My baby sister who is a year and a couple of months handed me a card, this card was the 7 of clubs, later that day I was watching TV and she grabs the remote and turns to channel 7.

Does anyone have similar synchronistic experiences with numbers following them, and does this mean something? I've been trying to figure out what this number is telling me. The only thing I can really recollect is this is my angle number and my mother was born in 1977.

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