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Is It Weird That I Can Predict Numbers?


I am almost 17 and lately I have noticed that I have predicted certain things and been correct. It started off with me predicting when the traffic lights change and then I started guessing my friends marks at school and getting them perfectly.

I started to realise it when I was out for breakfast with my family and it was about 9am. I said I bet you the food will come at 9.36am. The moment the waitress put my meal down, my clock went to 9.36. I then was on the train with my boyfriend and he said what time do you think it will stop, I guessed the first number in my head which was 3:07. After saying this I said no I take it back it will be 3:04 (we were one stop away) and but we ended up stopping exactly at 3:07 due to the train slowly down. It's starting to creep me out because since then, I have been able to predict when buses, trains or food come. The other day it was the AFL grand final and my parents asked me to predict the final score margin. I said 47 points and put $10 on... The final margin was 48, at least I won $100! I want to know if anyone has experienced anything like this before or if it's common?

I am really good at maths and it's always right when it's predicting numbers. There have been times inwhich I have finished someone's sentence or they go to say something and I know what they're going to say or do next. I don't know if this is just a coincidence or something bigger.

Can anyone explain this to me please! I tried to research anything but I am strulgging to find answers about predicting numbers.

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