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Experiences Of Telepathy, Telekinesis, Clairvoyance, And Deja Vu.


I've never felt quite right in any situation. I have had many odd experiences of telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, and deja vu.

Sometimes, I'll just be thinking about maybe something that I talked about at lunch. Next thing I know, my parents ask who I talked to at lunch. It's either I read minds unknowingly, or I inspire thoughts in others.

Next, telekinesis. Something inside my mom's car is constantly rattling when we are driving. More than once, I have focused on the noise and, uncontrollably, stopped it. No more rattle for the rest of the drive. Sometimes, I'll think about maybe shutting a door to trap the air from my AC in my room. Without doing anything more than that, the door will shut.

On to clairvoyancy. When I was about four, I had a dream that my grandparents bought a new house. On the outside, a completely normal house. On the inside, the tallest structure in the world, each floor having 4 equally spaced out rooms with candles sbove each door. I am visiting my grandparents with my sister and two boys I've never seen in my life. Noise on 27th floor, I wake everyone up, we check it out, and now the good part. As we reach for the light switch in the room, we hear the noise again, a mix of a growl and scratching sound. We flip on the switch. Some sort of creature that I can only depict as a zombie screeches at us. The end. I've had this dream 6 times. Twice, we've ran to the basement and found a green skinned Albert Einstein with teslas in the background. The weird thing is this: the house, its street, even the same position of the sun it had in the dream, I saw it in real life for the first time a couple months ago. But it's not just a random street. The street I saw was where my grandparents lived before I was born, and I had no idea for 10 years. Also, not as strange though, I started playing a zombie game in the summer. One kind of zombie looks the exact same as the one in my dream. The game came out 8 years after I first had the dream. Some similar dreams have also had impact in my life. As for deja vu, it's mainly that I've met people recently that I feel like I've known for years.

One other strange thing. I have not only sleepwalked and talked, but actually had complex human communication while wearing nothing but a red vest and hangars, one on each foot, and telling my mom I was getting ready for bed.

I've been depressed and anxious and questioning who I am for my whole life, searching for answers. I just want to actually find an answer to this: What am I? At this point, I'm not even sure I'm human.

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TelekineticPsychicGirl (3 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-09)
I have has Deja Vu LOADS of times in my life. They've ranged from conversations to sounds to places to people. Most of the time, I see the whole scenery, one time was when I was 9-10, I was in the car with my mom, sister, and brother heading to school. Right as we turn left from our street to the main road, I hear this weird noise, which I later learn came from a game on my mom's phone. Now, that was when I was having Deja Vu. Now probably a month or so later, the same thing happens, I ask my mom about it, but she says it never happened before. I could go on and on about having Deja Vu, but on to the next thing. I've always felt different as well. I think things WAY past my years. I know some things that are extremely complex, but don't understand some simple regular things. I also will sometimes get in a type of trance where I will get into what I like to call a "Deep Think," where I'll just continuously consciously think about these things that I can't possibly know. During this, I'll also think about some really complex questions that I wouldn't be able to explain. The weirdest things about this? Most the time, when I get out of the "Trance" (Which will sometimes last hours) I will hardly understand the questions I was thinking, I'll remember them, and I'll understand some of the things, but most of them just seem like, I don't know, crazy? If anyone understands these things, if anyone has experienced these things, Please, Please, tell me! I would really like to know if there are others experiencing this.
Danika (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-21)
I have the same experiences and have since before 3years old, I remember having dejavu as long as I can remember. Both in dreams or just thought then that vision happens. My whole family has seen my visions come true. I always made it a point to tell them what I seen then when it would happen my mom and sis just in awe...
I feel when a deceased friend or family is around me and sometimes ill just say something that's going to happen or situation ill say the decision I see should be made and my husband says it doesent sound like me speaking at that moment the voice and the way I word things isn't my usual like someone else comes through and speaks through me and I'm getting chills and goosebumps whenever this happens.

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