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White Dots, Apparitions & Voices


Name is Katy, 29 years old So this is my story. It started 3 weeks ago. It's been happening so much that I've written everything down. I will make a very long story short. Mind you, while this was happening, I wasn't taking anything. Not even an aspirin for my headaches. It started as hallucinations. Day 1. I was seeing thing with eyes open and closed. When I shut my eyes I was seeing people and symbols that I have never seen. Day 2. White dancing dots, like shooting stars. I saw thick dark shadows. Voices calling my name. Day 3. Thickness to the air, like I was sitting in fog or smoke. Then, more dancing dots.

Day 4. Nothing.

Day 5. Layered burn ins. More dots. Kind of felt drunk. Things were moving. I watched a dog run through my house. A dog that I DO NOT own.

I smelled mint and apple. I experienced bug and spider hallucinations.


After all of that​, it's usually white shooting dots. I feel like I'm hanging on by a thread. I have seen spirits, all of my life. When I would see them, they would vanish within seconds. But last night there was a man standing in my room, as still as a photograph. I would look away. Then when I looked back he was still there. I was looking at him back and forth for a good ten minutes. My mom has told me that the women in our family are supposedly natural born witches. My mom also, for all of her life has seen images of people when she closes her eyes. As far as everything else that has been happening with me, she has never experienced it. I have closed my eyes and seen fire and hands reaching. ANY opinions or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Shakes (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-01)
I have seen the white dots... It looks like the galaxy... A bunch of stars and it was just in front of me swirling

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