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Waking To White Mist


Several times in last few months I have experienced waking up to heavy white mist at the foot of my bed. I blink a few times and make sure I am awake. Then the mist swirls up like a cyclone and heads to the ceiling and gone. Just like that. I have never experienced this before until after my brother passed. He died suddenly of a heart attack. We use to be very close growing up. However, over time we became busy with our families and not with each other. I felt so guilty not keeping close to him over the years. I loved him with all my heart and was devastated when he passed.

When driving in my car I often speak with him. I do believe he is hearing me. I tell him how sorry I am for not keeping in touch. I know he hears me. I just wonder if it is him watching over me? I do believe in the spiritual world. I believe in guides and spiritual guidance. Has anyone experienced this? Please let me know if you have experienced this same thing with white mist. For some reason this website makes you write a minimum of 1500 characters. I don't have that much to say... Except, I would love to hear your stories of waking up to heavy white mist in the middle of the night.

The stories I'm reading on this sight are 10 years old. I want to hear from someone that has experienced this recently. Most of all, why is this happening? What is the meaning of waking up to white mist? I'm almost to 1500 characters. Getting close... In advance, thank you to anyone who knows why this is happening. One more word and I'm there!

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Shakes (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-30)
Yes I have been experiencing the same thing...
I wake up and I see the "mist" above me just hovering and I just look at it and it slowly glides away and disappears

I believe it is spirits we are seeing not formed yet
Gsdlover1971 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-13)
I also have seen this white mist recently it was my brother who passed away recently from a heart attack and my nan coming through as I was having a hard time with my brothers passing just to let me know my brother is fine I have also had other paranormal things going on in the past when I was a kid my family are healers and my other side are Roman gypsies but everything was done behind closed doors back then.
DecemberBlackK (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-03)
I've experiencing the same thing currently. It looks like cloud or steam on the floor. It persists for a second or two then evaporates. Almost like smoke from a rocket was my very first impression
Sometimes on another related note if it is daylight the world will have either a blue or orange or green tint to it.

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