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Blue And White Inextingueshable Fire


I was doing a prosperity " spell" with multiple candles, incense that type of deal, well, throughout the entire 9 days the "spell" thing that I was doing was radiating positivity for some reason it made you think positive near it, the room I did it in would not let anything inside of it the key wasn't working on the locks, and after about 3 days in, I thought it wasn't going to work but... Then it happened, the fires grew greener and them the next day itenveloped the yellow and blue in the fire more over the 9 days I did the green flames entirely enveloped the other fire, until they were solid green it was nearly imposable to snuff them out,"this was on the final day", sorry for my Grammer, bear with me, so I had an candle in the "spell" in the middle of the Incense and it would not stop being on fire, even when there was nothing not even the wick was left to burn, it was still going, I had to drown it and even then it would not go out, then a blue light was coming from the bottom of one of my candle holders I looked in and the blue flame was a perfect sphere it had a white ring on it and it kept burning for like 1 whole hour without any fuel. So my question is what does green fire mean and what does that perfect sphere blue flame mean? I'm worried also when a animal entered ' my dog' started falling over and got pushed out so I have no idea what to think about this I need actual advice on what that was or why it DID NOT want animals or anyone else in there Anyways thank you.

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