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White Being


I was at work one night about 3 years ago in a prison in the West Midlands and I had to do hourly obs on a prisoner. And I had to check on the person at 03:00. Our office was on the first floor and he was on the ground. When I went to walk down the stairs I was met with what I can only describe as a human form but it was bathed in a bright white light. My whole body covered in goosebumps. It spotted me and fled activating the light sensors when it went.

I wasn't frightened but I have never been able to have an explanation of what I've seen.

Previously to this I worked at an old victorian prison locally. The other houseblocked I worked in on nights I was with another officer so it was like someone was watching me but I felt safer. Anyway this one night I was in a building on my own again at 03:00 I heard things being thrown like bricks outside the office I was in, people talking and walking around on the landing and up and down the stairs this went on for a considerable amount of time. I again had to check on someone at 05:00 which was on the fourth floor I walked up there to his door looked through the flap and someone grabbed my shoulder. I could feel the fingers on me and I turned around but no-one was there. That was the last time I worked there as there had been other things happening in daylight hours. The prison used to hang people and some of them were buried within the grounds. A very creepy place but some people had been working there for years and never experienced the things I did there.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-19)
The bright white light sounds like a discarnate soul haunting. With haunting, there are other symptoms such as feeling cold/heat, seeing the discarnate soul responds differently in their actions. The UK has many discarnate souls which have no rest due to fear of after life, guilt etc. The history of United Kingdom is very old, and had many wars, invasions. Prisons are a haven, as are cemetery, murdered sites.

Some of your other situations could be psychic imprint. Is when a situation replays because the situation imprinted like a roll of film, such as acts the same situation over and over.

Some people see and sense these situations. Some people you work with do not see nor believe. But that does not discount your experiences.

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