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Wind Knocked Out Of Me Something I Cannot Explain


I have been trying to understand this for 3 years and just found this page.

Let me start by saying this happened in the fall 3 years back. I have learned the veil is thinner this time of year.

It was late in the evening and my husband and I both noticed some strange activity on our security monitor. It was some type of orb bouncing back and forth for nearly an hour. It was somewhat above my husband's truck bouncing from the bed to the top of the cab. Very random motions some slow some fast. It was not a spider web nor any reflection. When we would watch the monitor it would move quicker. As if it was trying to get our attention or so we thought. My husband is not as in tune to these things as I am. He sorta watched with me because it was very odd. After awhile I decided... I'm going outside to investigate. I thought, well I don't really know what I thought. Lots of things ran through my head as I was going outside. Dead relative, ghost on our block, reflection from a birdbath who knew. I looked around the corner and approached truck and I was struck in the gut by a gust of air. So hard I grabbed my stomach as if someone gut checked me. I went back inside and told my husband... Whatever it is wasn't looking for me. We then discussed that maybe it was someone or something getting his attention. I never told him something hit me because it sounded too bizarre, plus I was in shock and couldn't make sense of it. I thought I would sound crazy. I convinced him to go investigate himself. I watched him on the camera and in the same area I was struck he turned around and darted back in the house. I asked him if he saw anything. He said no but something pushed him. I asked what he meant. To my surprise he described the same feeling I had. Me not really knowing what to do. I grabbed salt and went and threw it towards the truck and told whatever it was to leave it wasn't welcome. I turned off the monitor and tried to make sense of it. To this day I cannot wrap my head around it.

I'm glad to find a page with similar stories. Thank for reading and if you have any input I'm all ears.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
3 years ago (2021-08-18)
If it had been just one person, I can see dismissing the event, but two, is indeed odd. Especially since your husband is not generally, from the sounds of it, receptive to such things.

I can't tell by your submission if you're in an apartment or a home but it feels more "home". But considering orbs can go through dense material, I wonder why it stayed outside? There may have been something going on energetically outside that had little to do with you two and when you entered its space, it rejected that. I wonder if something happened in the past where the truck was? Something to draw it? But that is hard to place as it could be many things.

Too bad you couldn't have recorded it on your security monitor. That would have been interesting to review later, maybe even in slow motion.

Sorry I'm not more help in terms of insight.

Thanks for sharing.

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