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Understanding Why I Experience What I Can't Explain


My first experience with death was not one I remember as I was not even 3 1/2 years old but my mother has told me several times of something that happened shortly after my papa, my mom's dad passed away.

As mentioned I wasn't even 4 years old, but about a week after my papa died, whom I had an extremely close bond with, I was watching tv with my mom one night. And my mother was not the type to let my brothers and I stay up past bedtime and especially not to watch tv but that night she let me watch with her and she said not long after I laid down beside her she thought she heard one of my brothers start to walk down the stairs so she looked up the stairs (had to look behind us from where we were on the couch) and no one was there.

She said she turned to look back at the tv and I was sitting up, looking up the stairs and when she asked me what I was looking at I replied, "Papa was just checking on us", she said even before she asked me, she knew what I was going to say. She was really close to her dad and said she felt him there that night.

Lately I have noticed I'm seeing things, I went outside the other day and went to close my front door and when I went to move away, I saw a solid black shape of a person in the glass reflection behind and to the side of me. I'll hear whispers of voices, the odd time I can make out a few words, but normally I can't understand what I'm hearing. And in regards to the "black shapes" I've noticed they all seem to be male, never feminine shape.

And also about 2-3 years ago I was downstairs in my home and I could feel the air change, it was like I could feel this heaviness settle over me, I felt "surrounded" if that makes any sense? It wasn't a good feeling, I remember feeling like I wanted to run as fast and as far away from that feeling as I could get.

My one dog who I have quite a bond with constantly gets these weird phases where she barks at corners of rooms, or in the hallways (no rodent issues whatsoever) or in the winter when I can't leave her outside, and she HAS to be in the house. She'll be shaking like a leaf when I get home.

And I have dreams that seem like a horror film, but their so real I can't even begin to describe it. People drowning, being crushed, but I am them in my dream, I feel that feeling of not being able to move my arms and legs because I'm trapped, that burning as I try breathing but only succeed in filling my lungs with water.

Call me crazy, but does this make sense to anyone, I'm begging for any help!

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Daydreamerx (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-04)
You are seeing glimpses beyond the veil, perhaps because of your natural ability as a seer of the other.

Intuitively when I was reading about the black silhouettes of males you described, I remembered an experience I had myself of seeing them. One time in particular me and my ex were lying in bed, and I had a dream that I was standing at one end of the hallway, and on the other end was the silhouette of a man in what looked like a trench coat, I woke up screaming and crying out and saw him in the doorway, my ex woke up beside me and started jerking up, trying to break free of sleep paralysis. Finally he broke free and went right up to it and slammed the door, and it dissapeared.

I've done research and I believe these are interdimensional beings, not ghosts but shadows that have grown sentience. You've heard the story of Peter pan and his shadow, right? How his shadow would escape him and get up to no good in the night. Well I believe these shadows are reflections of consciousness. They are drawn by fear, and to those psychically aware enough to sense them.

Also you must be careful of the power of manifestation, sometimes when you grow fearsome, you draw that energy to you.

But you must realise that they have no power over you, the power only comes from you thinking they do.

Perhaps try meditating in a safe space and after clearing your mind, try calling down upon your higher self, or god, or whatever you believe. Ask for guidance and strength, and help building a psychic shield around yourself. Imagine your home being enveloped in angelic white light, go through every corner, every doorway and imagine the loving white light casting it's energy so brightly, that shadows cannot dwell.

One day you'll be able to harness your abilities, but you will do so organically when the time is right. First you must keep your personal space cleared of energetic interferences.

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