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Awakening Heyoka


Hallo everyone, in Love and Light

Just in this week, I've discovered that I'm an Heyoka Empath. I've been experiencing supernatural events all my life since I was a child and always found myself drawn to metaphysics, spirituality, psychic and paranormal. Coming into this world was a miracle, my mother didn't want me but still I survived, I was born at 5 months in the 80's from there on I've been experiencing things and always found myself gravitating towards the unknown.

There is so much to tell but I need to stay focused not to stray from the main reason I'm writing this and its about being a Hayoka Empath and help on what I'm experiencing. I've worked on my Empath skills for about 10 years now, but I always found that I'm not quite the same as the Empath described online, I know that every Empath is different but I felt there was something missing so I just shrugged it off as normal. Yesterday I found out that I am a Heyoka and along with that, for about a month, I've been having this experience in my dreams. I've been talking to celestial beings in my dreams almost every night, I can't really remember what I dream about, but in the dream I completely understand what's going on but to my husband that startles awake, he says that i'm humming, like a very deep throat hum. He thinks it a bit weird and its a bit annoying to him at times, because its keeping him awake. As he wakes me up gently, between sleep and awake, there's a little moment where my conscious mind can "peak" at what's going on, I'm talking in a celestial language with other beings, a big conversation, almost like feedback or instructions, I'm not sure but I can feel myself clinging to the dream state to be able to finish off with what I was saying to them for that ever it is was very important, because somehow I knew that I'm being awoken and as I awake I hear my voice transfer from a language in my mind to a humming sound in my mouth/throat. And the strange thing is, just before I went to sleep, I prayed and asked my spirit guides to confirm that I am a Heyoka, because its a big thing and I really don't want to be mislead on something (thinking I'm something I'm not), but I also told them that I know for sure that I am a Heyoka, I just need the assurance. Like you baked a cake, you know its a cake, but you need that cherry on top.

I've been through a lot of pain and emotional abuse in my life, but the thing that always kept me going, since childhood was the fact that I was sent to earth for something important. And I must say that through the pain and suffering that I had I can help others today and also understand what they are going through. I have a great love for people and have unlimited compassion, but at the same time, I also have a hate. I cannot tolerate narcissists, self righteousness, in-authenticity (being fake) or lying and other things. I know that we are moving from one dimension to another at the moment and I've got this underlying feeling that something is happening in the realms. I can also feel vibrations and (yes, wait for it) hear the earth move/rotate. I have so much to share but this will be a very long letter and to be honest, no one is going to read something that long, but with time, I will share bit by bit. There must be others out there experiencing the same thing/s and if you do please share.

One experience I would like to share is an event that occurred a few years ago, that while I was sleeping, I felt as if someone was watching me and faint talking. As I awoke, the whole room was bright with white light and there were two large beings in white robes with white hair standing over me with scrolls in their hands, I could clearly see that in the background there was like and open field and nature, they were gesturing towards me so I knew that they were talking about me, I realised that this wasn't a dream and had such a startle that I'm actually awake that they noticed me being awake and being afraid they immediately vanished. Something that also stuck with me is the expressions on their faces were something like: "oh shes awake, she's not supposed to be awake" As if we were both startled. Until this day I still wonder what that was about.

So there you go, those are some of the things that happened to me and still happening and I was wondering if someone has an idea on why this is happening or have someone else experienced something like this? And if you think I'm crazy - Thank you, that's a compliment. They also thought Jesus, Albert Einstein, Da Vinci and Plato were crazy, just to name a few I'm very fond of:)

In love and light

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Heartofacowgirl (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-15)
Thank you for sharing your story. I too am gifted in many areas, I've always known that I am an empath but did not know that I am a Heyoka Empath until this morning about 6am when I stumbled on a video explaining what it was, I had never even heard of it. And I was like, he is describing me to a T. I will be putting my story on my profile within the next few days if you would like to read it. I know that it's been a few years now that you yourself have discovered that you are a heyoka, what I would like to ask is how are you dealing with it now? How have you been able to harness your gift to help others without hurting their feelings to the point that they think that you are but being hateful and mean? I want to use all of my gifts to help others.
Love and light to you.
Newt (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-05)
I got a serius headache, as well as I had to sign myselfe up.
So I'm just going to say, I feel you qnd youre not alone.
Or insane lols
Wanderer237 (3 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-17)
Hi AnneV

Thank you for your comment. And please note that English is not my first language, so sometimes things may come out skew. I do not hate others - let me get that clear. I'm a Heyoka Empath and I was sent to earth to identify these things and filter them in other words - to help and assist others to grow - because why? Because I love them.

Thank you again for your honest comment.

In love and light
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-10-16)
Coming to earth's physical realm for something 'important' isn't just for helping people. As long as you hold hate within your being then work for yourself is also part of the process. We struggle to understand that "first grade" holds first graders who do all the things that repel those in higher grades (metaphysically and spiritually speaking). So where would you have first graders learn their lesson? Everyone has to start somewhere and one rung in the ladder isn't any better than the next per se. And there are those above you who are pure love and look on you lovingly though you hold harsh judgement for those below you on the ladder.

If we are here, we are still evolving. When we reach Christ consciousness (or Buddha consciousness, or whatever level your faith chooses) then you stop reincarnating unless you select evolved paths of healer, teacher, positive leader and so on.

We are spiritual beings living out a physical life. Being that we are multi-dimensional energy beings at the core, it's not surprising we have interaction with guides and beings while we are asleep. The universe is filled with life and not just on the physical. Who knows where each of us come from? But we all, on some level, selected to be here to learn, evolve and assist.

That's great you are working towards lucidity and that you have compassion for much of humanity. But I always say, it's easy to love the lovable. The hard part is loving the unlovable who have their own suffering, mistakes, ignorance and the other myriad of 'human' elements. God knows I've made my share.

Thank you for sharing.

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