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Hearing The Earth Turn


Hallo, in Love and light...

I'm an awakened Empath, but an awakening Heyoka. I can hear vibrations... It started off when I went to a light worker for some cleansing and opening of my Chakras and some other stuff which I know was activation of some sort, because from there on I've been seeing white light when I close my eyes, sometimes just a calming white light, other times flashes of white light and then at times what looks like a white sun. I enjoy it when it does occur. I've also started having buzzing/ringing in my ears, sometimes both ears, other times only the left or the right side. I've read on Google that I'm having a download? Is this correct? I've also read that if you get a ringing in the left ear, its a no or a discouragement on whatever you are doing or on a decision at that very moment or on your immediate circumstances and a yes if its a ringing in the right ear.

After the buzzing/ringing in my ears started, one night, I was relaxed in bed, ready to go to sleep and I heard something, its sounded tremendously large in size, the first thing that came to mind is that it can only be the earth rotating that sounds like that, can't explain it in detail. The sound is a mixture of rumbling thunder and a very large aircraft going overhead, a very deep sound. Then I made a point of it to listen carefully if it might not be just what it is, thunder/aircraft, but I've notice that I can tune into it at any time of day I want (but it needs to be very silent for me to hear) If its not the earth, which I believe it is, what else can it be? I can also hear music at times, like meditative music where I know there is no music in the room or house where I am and sometimes just a low buzzing in both my ears (but maybe that's just normal) My ears relaxing after a noisy day at work or something.

Did anyone experience something like this before or experiencing at the moment. Please do share.

Thank you for ready my letter.

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