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Hearing Phantom Music


The past month off and on I've been listening to music. Sounds like a flute playing in repetition. Two or three different notes. At first it was only at night. I thought it might be the fan. Turned it off still there. Plugged my ears, it disappeared. Unplugged could hear it again. Every night. I used to sleep with music constantly. Because during the night I could hear voices. Or movements in my room. This happens no matter where I live. I know I have abilities. Seen things since I was a child. Normally when I move somewhere it's quite for about 3 months. Then if there is a spirit in the vicinity of me, they find me. I know longer listen to music when I sleep unless I have to block out the other sounds.

I have seen a woman spirit. But honestly I think she's my spirit guide. I've seen her four different times in my life all in different locations. I think there is something else. Possibly a child spirit. Just the things that happen seem child like. It loves to mess with my dog. Pokes at her and pulls on her tail. Follows her around. My dog normally hides next to me.

But what I really want help in advice with is the music. Never experienced that before. Then yesterday, I sleep during the day because I work at night. I woke up at 4:30 pm hearing the faint and distant flute sound. Then my dog whimpering from her kennel in the living room. Like she really wanted out. I took her to get fresh air outside and walk around a bit. Still hearing the flute sound even outside in the middle of town and was busy. People walking around and cars driving by. But the sound, sounded like it was next to me but far away too. I go back inside, my roommate just got home from work and I ask her to listen. She heard nothing. We go inside and we live in an apartment building. Asked to her to listen in my room then in the main area were I was still hearing it. She said she heard nothing. I could still hear it as she's telling me this.

So I tell her I'm going back to bed for little longer. Because I had to work 16 hours straight that night. She's like put in your head phones and see if that helps. So I did and slept through until I had to wake up to get ready for the music sound was gone again. Nothing even as I'm typing this now I don't hear it. I've heard it at work before too. So it follows me. I'm just confused as to what it could be and why.

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