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I had recently submitted a story, listing my symptoms. One person (thank you!) commented that it seems like a Spiritual Awakening. So, I started googling, and reading, and researching, all day today. And I have a few questions I couldn't quite find the answers to.

I already know I'm a Crystal Child, a friend of my mothers' who's psychic, I guess, she can read people's auras, and see their guides and everything through the power of the creator. She had told me I was a Crystal Child, and from what I've gotten out of research it sounds JUST like me. However I haven't gotten a very clear description of what exactly a Crystal Child is, if anyone has any information (besides signs you are a Crystal Child, for those are all I could find.) I'd LOVE to be educated!

I'm really, really convinced I'm going through a Spiritual Awakening. I can sense others' feelings, I can see things/shadows/movements out of the corners of my eyes. I can read people. Like, for example, I was at the mall with some friends when I could tell a worker had something wrong, but everyone said I was crazy since she was smiling a lot. So, I came up, and quietly told her "you're beautiful, and worth life. No matter if someone tells you otherwise. This world loves, and needs you" and she started tearing up, and smiled way brighter than before. She looked as if that truly helped her. Any ideas/tips on how to strengthen whatever gifts are coming up, as I can sense there are some. I want to strengthen them and do my best to help everyone around me so if ANYONE has ANY idea on how to help myself improve into the best I can be. I'd love to hear.

I believe I may be telepathic? One time my mother was on the phone with my brother. And I was already asleep when she was on the phone. However, I distinctly remembered hearing her talk to him. But I remembered hearing HIM too, which couldn't of happened if they were on the phone. She says he wasn't on speaker. Anyway, it was a story. And my mom went to tell me the story, and before she could, I blurted the whole story out. After she looked at me confused I said "I overheard you on the phone, sorry". And she just looked at me amazed, and said "you were asleep, I even checked." So, if anybody's got some comments, or help on improving/clarifying any of that, that would be great:)

And, last but not least,

I sometimes have these visions I guess you would call it? In this past year I have made a LOT of bad decisions, but every time I did. I could SEE myself in trouble. However, I, and my stubborn teenage mind, would shrug it off, and do it anyways. Then later, the EXACT situation would happen. Just a few details would be off. For Example, one night I snuck out of my house, off with friends. Around 2 am I started seeing police cars when I'd close my eyes. I saw two police cars in front of my house. But it wasn't like, an imagination seeing. It was like, my MIND saw it? It was really weird, but super detailed. I told one of my friends, and she called me crazy. But, when they dropped me off around 4, surely enough, there were 3 cop cars. We all got in trouble, and I found out the cops got there around 3! That friend believes my weird little feelings/visions now. Haha.

Anyway, if anyone has ANYTHING to add, comment, questions, anything, please feel free:) I'd love to hear all sorts of responses, and anything helps:)

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lauterb (110 posts)
7 years ago (2016-08-24)
Dear __princess__01

Congratulations, you are discovering and already using your mediumship for good!

You intuitively did what is expected of you and certainly, you will do much more in the future!

Crystal children is only a characterization of similar attitudes as well as the signs of the zodiac, etc. Unnecessary labels... Do not say anything new that you did not know.

The important thing is to know what to do with their gifts. First study, study hard to educate! When some opportunities arise for you to use these gifts to help others in the same way as you've done!

I know exactly what was the feeling that you had to help this person! The good news that you can do this and more is up to you!

For more than 150 years there is a science / philosophy / religion that thoroughly studied the spiritual phenomena, communication with spirits, visions, apparitions, relationship with spirits etc.

All you reported is not new and has already been described and studied in the following books:

After studying, those books you have additional questions feel free to contact me at leonn [at]

Good study!

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