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Something Interesting Devloping?


This is rather weird but for the past month I have been seeing a lot more spirits, usually in the corner of my eyes but nonetheless they are there. This in itself is not strange at all, but I have began too see shape appear around randomly especially in regards to Ancient Egypt such as the sphynx, or pyramids. This includes many ancient looking symbols that I have not identified. I don't know why these began too appear but possibly something regarding my past, or a past life? I have been in contact with Eros for a long time now, I asked him and got the answer "275", but I haven't identified a meaning as of yet.

Currently I wish to receive any help, tips or information regarding this, especially if it has something to do with a past connection. I should also note when I go into water, almost at any point my head will hurt, eyes go to whack for a few seconds and Ill get a lot of images, and symbols coming into my 3rd eye, I don't know why but it has happened ever sense I truly began working with energy, and the spiritual. I will continue to investigate this matter on my own, but would love any help someone or many people can give. I haven't been practicing nearly as much as I should be but am starting to practice a lot more lately now. I hope to find the answer within a week if possible but I think this may be much bigger then I originally thought in all honesty.

I guess that's all for now eh? Well talk to you all later then! Also I would like to note if any further information is needed I will provide it if I come across anymore.

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tttmalibu (3 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-12)
Hi Rockshan,

I hope this is ok to ask of you... Especially on here but I read a previous comment you had made. I was wondering if you could scan or read me? I'm just wondering if you will pick up anything. Thank you so much for your time.

Thank you
keyofallsouls (1 stories) (22 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-13)
This might help you with the # 275:

If you keep getting Egyptian symbols then I'd Google images or even go on pinterest searching Egyptian symbols and their meanings. Typically that will provide answers or lead to you what the symbols stand for for you, etc.

If water hurts when you do this, try either tuning in with the water's energy if you haven't already or use a different element to help you and tune into that element. Maybe fire/heat would work better? You might be able to tune into that type of energy better/easier than water. Air might work too. Start with those and if they still don't work try the other elements after (there's a lot of them if you count sub ones).

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