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Interesting Sleep Experience


Last night I had a pretty disturbing dream. The context of the dream came up in my day today (although I won't go into detail about how). The context just came up with something my friend was joking about, but everything he was saying correlated to my dream.

The dream was that I was riding on a bike recording something. I got off of the bike and set it down so I could stop the video. A homeless guy looked at me and saw my camera. He came up to me and told my to give him all of my stuff. I panicked and tried hitting him with my bike, but it was like it didn't phase him. He pulled out a knife and so I gave in so I could avoid being stabbed. I gave him my camera, phone, and these speakers I have. He asked if that was all I had. I lied and pretended my pocket were empty, although I had a 20$ bill, I just didn't want to be left with nothing. I started crying in the dream and then I woke up.

When I opened my eyes I saw a boy standing near the end of my bed with his head down. He was wearing a red shirt. I blinked in astonishment and he was gone.

I don't know what I was seeing or why. I just was wondering what you guys think because I'm not sure. I just want opinions on this. It seems like my psychic abilities have been getting stronger this week. Could it be possible that I really saw a boy or was I just tripping? I'd like to believe I was not tripping. I needed to write more, but I am not going to drag on with nonsense as filler, so I'd like to say thank you to anyone who read or comments. It's appreciated, thank you.

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Maddy (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-03)
It can very much be a vision but although I don't know what to say about the boy. Iv'e had things happen to me like that too. I would be dreaming and then I wake up to see something on my bed for example I saw a miniature rocking horse on my bed that you could fit in the palm of your hand after I woke up when I was little. I tried to grab for it but I couldn't and then after a few seconds it disappeared. Now for the dream. When I was little my mom had a dream that she was driving in the car with my dad and I was in the back seat. I was probably four at the time. It was when she was getting a divorce with my dad and they were fighting. Apparently I got angry and fed up with the fighting that I decided to get out of the car when it was stopped somewhere in the street. But then my mom saw a large truck coming my way as I was leaving the car and it was just about to hit me until my mom woke up. She thought it was strange and continued life. A month later the same thing happened. She saw me unbuckling and about to open the door and then she pulled me back in and saw the large truck pass just like in her dream. She remembered and saved me. I would remember your dream just in case since many things are possible to happen.

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