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Girl With Long Black Hair Watching Me Sleep?


Recently my dog passed away, Saturday December 9th. Ever since, I went into a depression and I've been getting worse mentally and psychically. Two days ago, after I came home from work I noticed that I have pimple like bites on the right side of my upper back, arm and lower back. I went to the doctor today and was told it was bites but when I got home and relaxed from a long trip I feel like I didn't belong in my own room and I didn't want to lay on my bed for some reason.

When my mom got home from a school meeting with my sister, she told me that a little girl with long black hair and white dress watching me sleep-sitting on her knees on the end of my bed, her head looking down at me. I was shocked and terrified all at once, my mom isn't a psychic or a "seer" but she does have her moments when she sees spirits. I asked her questions like how did she see the girl, is she a seer, why can't I see spirits etc. Once in my life I think I've seen the same girl before, I was 16/17 and I would see her from the corner of my eye behind things but I never saw her face.

My mom described her as a little girl with long black hair, pale face, black/brown eyes and wearing a white dress. I thought we were going crazy and I went to work shaken. As soon as I got home from, I talked to my aunt from Florida who was once a preacher and explained what to do to my mom and told me to pray. My sister seems afraid as well, she has down syndrome and doesn't understand many things but she was scared to go to the room by herself. Lately she's been scared to be alone and crying for my mother and it scares me. I thought at one point she could be having hallucinations but now I think this could be the reason why she freaks out.

I read a couple other stories describing the same girl but each story was different, I'm terrified for me and my family.

My mom put a cross on my bed in case the girl comes again tonight but I don't plan on sleeping, please respond as soon as you can.

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ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-13)
Hi LotusSierra,
First of all, try not to be afraid. You have not been harmed yet physically, just frightened. Try to act like everything is normal for the sake of your sister. She may not understand everything, but make no mistake she will take her direction according to how you act. Most people with down syndrome are geniuses when it comes to reading feelings. My cousin is slow but gives the best hugs you could ever imagine to people he likes. He is now an older adult but catches much more than people realize. He is always watching how people react toward each other. For her sake be strong and positive. You are in control of your space. Make it known that it is yours. Do things to brighten it up. Hang some cheerful posters up and try to brighten up the room however you can. Placing lavender in the room will help to cleanse it also. Let the sunlight in when you can. Refrain from putting anything dark in the home. Do not try to contact anything in your home.
I do agree with your Aunt and would take her advice and guidance on some of it. I must admit that I also have a small cross that hangs on my bedpost on a gold chain. I also have a dream catcher that was given to me for protection by a woman who is Indian hanging in my home. She knew about the work I do to help people with spiritual troubles and malevolent entities. Not everything in the other realm is bad, but it's not all good either. I help people with the darker stuff. I am a spirit warrior and protector. I am a form of a light worker. I have many gifts that help guide me when trying to help others. Sometimes I get information remotely that helps me help others or guide them. Sometimes I just share information or knowledge to help people. You need to find ways to increase your courage and move beyond being scared of what might only be a curious spirit moving through. I don't sense anything Evil is going on as of yet, but don't invite anything in. By all means pray together as a family if it brings you comfort. I would advise reading psalm 23 from the Bible and even maybe committing it to memory. Maybe you could teach it to your sister.
I actually have a blanket with this passage woven into it that I used in the past to help a child with fears and night terrors and nightmares. Some people might call it stupid or silly, but I can tell you it worked for that child.
I deal with and work with things most psychics have never experienced or seen.
If things start to get bad post on this site and someone will try to help I'm sure. I will keep your family in my thoughts and post anything that I think might help people. 😊

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