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The Black Creatures, What Are They?


My name is Sera and I'm very much new to this website (just discovered it today). I don't know if I'm a psychic or not but there are a few instances where things happen and I would often know, feel, and sometimes 'see' before they happen.

Though I shrug most of them off as a coincidence since I'm not very confident with my abilities and they just sometimes happen on convenient times or out of the blue, and one of them bothered me the most, this happened maybe on early 2019 so it's pretty recent, I guess?

It was 10-something p.m, and I was just talking with my two friends on messenger, trying my best to contain my laughter as my mom was sleeping next to me (if you're wondering about this it's because my brother uses my room because it's colder than his), when all of a sudden I felt dreadful and the atmosphere around me turned heavy. Something was standing on the foot of the bed, so as my guts told me - then I ' saw ' something - I didn't see them physically however but it's like seeing them on my inner eye (?).

There were two of these creatures, one was taller, and one was as short as a dwarf. Both of them were naked yet no genitals to determine what gender they were, they have dark ash-gray skin that melted to what look like fangs on their mouth, and had glowing silver blue markings that reminds me of crop circles, they have big, yellow circle eyes that too glowed. And there's this light behind them that faded into a dark shade of blue that somehow irritated my inner eye, it irritated it so much so that I felt completely uncomfortable and want them out of my head. They lasted for more than 2 minutes or maybe even more than that, they didn't do anything but just stare at me and all the while I grew uneasy and wanted to bolt right out the door but something tells me I shouldn't move and continue talking with my friends.

I told them about it as I was experiencing them, they told me it must be an entity but don't know what they were - ahh, even typing about them now makes me feel uneasy.

I've read about Clairvoyance yesterday and the way the author described how people with Clairvoyance see reminded me of the times I see things yet not physically, so, I'm wondering... Do I have it? And do you have any idea on what those entities might be?

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johnfly (25 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-11)
Hi Sera,

Have you had any similar experiences since this happened? Do you still have moments where the atmosphere around you turns heavy and feels bad or dreadful?

Thank you

Johnathon Fly
Denkatsu (5 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-08)
I know someone whose newborn kept looking at something he couldn't see. He did a cleansing on the house and cast non holy energy out. He found an apparition that had black skin, red tribal marking and a large amount of small horns starring at him from outside his living room window. My friend is a doctor who is very into the occult world. He said the thing REALLY wanted into his house and he doesn't know why it was there. Be very careful. ❤
TheOriginalWanderer (2 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-26)
What if they're humans on another plane who see us in the same way as creatures and dark and scary... Maybe so the universe doesn't collide as one... I saw one standing on my bed with a hand on my chest... But it seemed to be investigating me as if I were in its place... And slowly backed off I rolled over and went back to bed thinking I really just saw that creature fade away...
Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-03)
You can try looking up the "Sleep Paralysis Demon", it's the name given to shadow figures seen when you're in the in-between state of being asleep and awake. You're asleep enough to be paralyzed since that's what your body does, but you're awake enough to see things around you. Not much information is really available about them I'm afraid so I have to go by theories and what I've personally seen about them. They don't typically hurt you, and I believe they feed off your energy by making you afraid, they may even cause a nightmare to make you afraid and feed off that energy. They do not like being seen, typically people don't see them so if they notice that you see them they get quite pissed. Most that I've heard about them from people that I know personally, they don't actually hurt you. I'm unsure if they are the same things that an old teacher of mine told me about, but his advice for seeing the shadows from the corner of my eyes: They won't bother you, but don't even acknowledge that they exist, ignore them. Of course you'll see more in the corner of your eyes like you would see any ghost in the corner of your eyes, but he told me not to even acknowledge their existence, to ignore them.
~ Lyro

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