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Black Cloud/funnel Passing Through A Yellow Meditation


I sat down to meditate today and I began to go through the steps of my typical routine. I lit up my favorite incense, turned off the lights, and got settled into my usual spot. This week I've been trying to focus on really grounding myself and continuing to build a solid foundation for any deeper meditation I pursue. I start each session with a very open heart and calm mind. As I began this afternoon I was immediately surrounded by yellow light (This has never happened before). I noticed, however, that above me there seemed to be a lingering dark black cloud just sitting above me.

Usually my grounding cord is green but today it was yellow (also never happened before). As I began to relax my breathing the black cloud began to rain dark rain on my open hands. It soaked into my skin, running into my body and down my grounding cord like a drain. As my breathing relaxed more the cloud began to swirl and form a funnel that shot straight down through me and out my grounding cord. Slowly the cloud disappeared as if I had unplugged the cork in the bath tub and it drained away until there was no longer any cloud lingering above me. I felt complete peace at that point and decided to end my session.

Any ideas on what this correlates to? I know I've had some stress recently and some people from my past stirring up drama but I didn't think it was blocking me that bad. I am curious to see if anyone else has experienced this as well, I am very new to meditation and auras, but doing my best to stay educated and open to every new experience!

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CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-13)
You rid yourself of the dark I guess. Was trying to merge with you I guess. I think that's a good thing. You will not be influenced by it. It was probably trying to be a part of you, but probably, you managed to either purify it or just completely dispelled or erased its existence. I used to have white grounding cord, used to see myself completely white but then, for no reason, half my face changed color. The face became dark, then it kept going on. Now, I see half of me as light the other half dark. Someone on this forum told me it's my balance. Perhaps it is, I can't tell. Or it could be something else too. I also have a shield I guess, made of both the dark and white light. It's kind of weird, I've always ignored them. But recently,I've begun talking about them.
Even a little bit of problem is enough to create a block I guess. Sometimes, you just need intervention. The yellow light must have been that or perhaps, you have leveled up?

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