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The Man In The Woods


This happened to me some years ago, in broad daylight. I was walking in the woods with my boyfriend when I became aware of someone watching us from a few meters away in the trees. I glanced over to see a man made of black with no face. He was wearing a broad brimmed hat, that I later thought was probably a fedora, but at the time thought was a cowboy hat. The man was solid and close enough that he could have grabbed me if he'd taken a few steps. He saw me watching him and started to move towards me. I yelled at my boyfriend to run and we sprinted out of the forest and into a large clearing.

I was upset and shaking and he kept asking me what was wrong, all I could say was "there was a man..." He thought it had been a creepy guy watching us, and I couldn't tell him that the man was made of shadows. Many years later I came across a site discussing this very figure, it appears that the shadow hat man is well known. I'm only glad that my young self was unaware of this, I think I would have fainted!

So I'm asking if anyone else has seen him? And if anyone knows what it means? Does he just appear randomly or is his appearance connected to something? I can't think of anything significant that was happening in my life at the time. I'd appreciate your thoughts if you'd like to share your own experiences or just your reactions to my story.

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