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The Lady In A Black Dress (continue) And New Black Figure


I'm still dealing with somethings I can't explain from time to time. Some new experiences that have happened one was another dream. In the same dark room can't see anything but I'm sitting at a small round table, across from me is the lady in the black dress. I couldn't talk and she didn't say anything either.

She started to pour some black liquid from a teapot on the table she gave me a small teacup full of the liquid. And she poured some for herself she drank from it and gestured for me to drink. I didn't do this it smelled off not bad nothing like death but just not a smell that I wanted to try and drink from. This made the lady pout and she got up and walked into the dark of the room.

Since then my family have all experienced something strange a woman talking. When someone is alone my sister who has had better luck with seeing spiritual things has spotted a young girl in our house.

I ended up feeling strange things when alone, one night while I was the only one home I was extremely stressed out I yelled out in frustration because of projects needing to be finished. I heard that female voice that said my name and I freaked out when I heard that. Then I felt like something was behind me and I calmed down it felt like I was being held.

The last time so far I've met the lady was one night I was asleep I woke up yet again in the dark room she appeared from the dark and looked happy to see me she clapped her hands when she saw me. I wasn't sure what was going on she extended her hand and for the first time I heard her speak. She had a smooth light voice and all she said was come. The lady smiled at me I grabbed her hand and the dark room began disappearing she started to disappear with the room. And I woke up I so far haven't had anything I believe related to her happen.

But the last thing to happen to me was one night I went to the bathroom coming out of the bathroom, my room was open lights on right in front of me. Then one step into the hallway I see this black figure standing next to me I can't tell any detail on it but without touching me. My body froze I couldn't move I couldn't breathe I tried it felt more like the oxygen around me disappeared than being chocked. It stood for what I want to say felt like minutes, but it was more like one minute passed in real time. It then disappeared into the dark of the hallway and I fell to the ground gasping for air.

That's been what's really gotten my attention so far I'm just not sure what to make out of this all. I rather not tell my family since they don't really get anything bad happening besides hearing things and my sister was frightened so much by the girl she saw which I have no idea how that plays into everything.

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