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My Powers Continue To Come And Go


I have been having an internal turmoil with myself and my "abilities" as of lately... Now, I have always tried my hardest to believe in magic and the supernatural and I am a out of practice Wiccan. However, I have zero to no idea how to control anything I have or manifested over the years! I have had a plethora of clairvoyant moments growing up such as guessing when things are going to happen or knowing where something is without any previous knowledge on its location. Also, when I would flip a coin I would be able to guess if said coin were heads or tails and I wouldn't always be right but 50% of the time I am. Not to mention my empathic abilities in which I would be able to feel my friends emotions and start acting the same way and that sometimes is annoying... But my main issue is these powers I have don't always work! I don't know how to use them on command and it makes me loose belief sometimes that I have them at all and that maybe all those times I was right were just simple coincidences. It was last year that I went to a witchcraft shop that opened up in the town I lived in at the time it was called "Magical Pathways" and in the store worked a high priestess who was one of the nicest people I have ever met! One day after school I decided to stop at the store and study there because the energy there was so relaxing. On that day my hand was hurting tremendously so I asked her what I could do at home to make it feel better. However, after I told her how my hand started hurting she held in and my pain went away when she let it go and told me what was wrong with it and that I had torn the muscle in my hand and to put heat on it to the the pain away if it were to return, even though it didn't for a couple days. She was going to teach me magic and things like that but at the time I was 17 and she, being responsible, said I needed parental guidance but I knew my grandmother wasn't going to allow me to do anything of the sort being a "devout Christian" or as I like to call it a "devout drinker". Moving forward, I thought that the reason they weren't working up to snuff was because I wasn't 18 yet and that my abilities were bound bc I wasn't old enough. My birthday was yesterday and I still feel no different from last year! I tried some of the tests on here and they all said I was psychic but earlier today I was able to guess the coin flip correctly each time I flipped it but I stopped in fear I would get it wrong thus justifying my fear of losing my clairvoyance or whatever I had. Growing up I was always able to notice coincidences in everything and everyone but I no longer can and it bothers me to think that someone could have or did take my abilities from me and rendered me mundane. I hope that someone can help me with my conundrum and maybe teach me how to master these abilities!

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robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (57 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-12)
Hi Mansheir,
A meditation program I like and recommend is the "Silva Mind Control" method. There are classes and CDs of classes available to help you on your way. Some of the best affirmations like,"Every day in every way I am getting better, better and better." are in the course. There are a few free things on the web and You Tube. I'm not selling anything, just a satisfied customer.
the_real_me (1 stories) (18 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-12)
thats cool you could read my story and ask for anything you need help with and if you have an instagram ould you tell me so I could follow but have you ever tried listening to subliminal messages that could really help but doubt could hold you back like me but try to stare at a candle for like 10-15 minutes and after you hit 10 minutes give yourself the affirmations the you desire and you may achieve what you want because staring at a candle for that long puts you in a different brain state which makes you really suggestable so your subconscious will go along with it 😁 we could talk more if you tell me your instagram

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