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Ability To Influence The Wind


Years ago when I was a child, I could get the wind to blow or at least pick up. Not strong gusts, normally just a breeze but definitely noticeable. How did I discover this ability? After seeing the first Harry Potter film, In went into the forest surrounding my house and found a stick which I widdled into a wand. I was about 7 years old. I then ran around the woods flicking it at things pretending to be casting the spells used in the film but did not actually pay attention until I spoke of the spells and noticed the twig that I pointed it at moved, or rather the leaves did. I kept doing this over and over and I got the same result over and over. It was not strong enough to do anything other than move the ruffle the leaves a bit. However, one day I was laying out on our trampoline and was very relaxed staring up at this tree in front of the trampoline and myself. I was very still, very calm in mind and body. I suppose you could say I was in a meditative state but my eyes were open. I had my arms behind my head and suddenly pointed at the tree in front of me and a very strong guys of wind swirled around it suddenly as if it came out of nowhere. The weather was very calm and the air very still prior to that and it returned to that state right after the gust of wind tore through the tree. Above all experiences with this ability that was the most powerful. I remember looking behind me right after hoping my mom was outside and maybe saw what just happened but she was not. I am 25 now and cannot seem to do this as often as I could when I was a kid if not at all. I wonder if I was around elemental spirits that were guiding me to do this back at the property I lived at when this occurred. I remember having a dream of an invisible entity showing me how to move my hand and how the wind followed wherever I waved my hand. I also remember being outside and something ran through my body. A blur. It was a gust of wind but I remember thinking that it was unusual and how it felt like something just moved through me. It made me dizzy and it shimmered a bit like it was something invisible but had a vague outline or shape to it that was only apparent as it stepped into me and through me - maybe because it was close enough.

I also can do this thing that I can't effectively describe. It's that feeling you get right when your nervous system tenses up as an orgasm releases. I can create that feeling at will but just be laying down and I can't sustain it for very long. Maybe 10 seconds. To me it feels like a force of energy at the base of my spine that expands through my whole body like an explosion. I have heard of kundalini but am not sure if that's what it is. It does not seem to do anything but I have a hunch it's for something supernatural.

Also, if anyone else can influence the wind like I can, please comment on how you do it and your experiences. I can't seem to fully control it as in make it stronger or direct it all the time.

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Vali733 (8 posts)
2 years ago (2022-02-02)
when I was little I used to play with the rain. I had a glass tube that I had found on the floor. And when I turned it down it was raining. When I turned it up, the rain stopped. Instant. I didn't care. Your post made me remember. My mail ionatanterra [at]

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