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My Experience With Wind And Feelings


I am writing this to get help. I need help figuring out if its true or just coincidence. So I feel great attachment to wind. Whenever I closed my eyes and felt the energy around a strong gush of wind would blow. Whenever I called upon it, it would blow. I sometimes would feel as if the wind was listening. I know it sounds crazy. But few days ago I tested it. I said hello and right after it a gush of wind blew from behind me. I started experiencing this when I was 14 but I thought I was just stupid at that time. No one would actually believe me when I said so. But when I started growing up I started believing its true cause it's been happening for years now. I could feel the energy of the wind. Few days ago I was talking with a friend in the school compound. I stopped talking cause I felt something coming. I sensed some energy. That friend knows what I have been going through. I told her " I feel something strong. We should go and sit inside". The moment we sat there a strong wind blew. And I mean STRONG. The trees were shaking. The wind was howling. The branches started breaking and falling. My friend then told me I am lucky since I could sense it coming. If not we would have been hit by couple of branches 😂 but yeah this is what that has been happening. I think its true but at the same time coincidence. I need to if someone out there is experiencing the same. And also I can feel people's energy around me too. I can easily tell if a person is sad or happy because I could sense their emotions. I need help figuring out. Is it my head playing tricks?

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