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I'm a 14 and I'm just learning my power to use wind and shape it to my needs. One day at school it was really hot and I asked the wind to blow cold air at me and it did. I don't really know how to use this ability yet but I know I've had it in me my whole life. I can kind of sense what the wind thinks and stuff if you get what I mean.

I also went on a camping trip a couple weeks ago and rented with someone who gets prophecies and can see the future. I didn't know this until she told me after we got to the subject about dreams. I felt a connection when I met her, so I told her about the wind that night. Our throats started closing up, our eyes watered, and I had 2 asthma attacks. She had a vision of a skeleton that freaked her out and we stayed up most of the night scared. But then the wind started blowing around our tent and when I looked outside there was no breeze at all, only at our tent.

I don't really know what is going on and I don't know if it's safe to be around her yet. She hasn't developed her abilities at all yet and can't control it. I have a grasp on wind but I'm still training. I really don't want anything bad to happen to us, but sometimes I'll hear the wind say danger. It usually repeats the word or phrase it says and when she was with me that night the wind said careful. That's when she saw the skeleton. I'm kind of scared to use my ability around her in fear of us getting hurt or somehow loosing our abilities. Of course I live in the countryside where I can't talk to people with abilities. I want to get better at my abilities and I want my friend to get better too. Please help us.


Blessed be!

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