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Ever since I was a kid I have been experiencing astral travels unconsciously, I didn't know what this was but as I was growing older, I started to realize that I can astral project, it happens so constantly and spontaneously. Every day I always Feel my astral body coming out of my physical sometimes. In my projections I am conscious. I can think, talk, and do whatever. I see myself in places, I talk to people, I do activities, Yet a lot of times its just bits and pieces I can remember when I open my eyes. Its the oddest thing cause there I am doing whatever I'm doing in the projection remembering everything I've done yet the moment I open my eyes almost all of its erased. I have to think hard to remember what happened. I know a lot of its missing and there's so many blanks in my memory. I've had times where I go in and out of my projection and sometimes I can stop myself from going back to my physical body. I feel like I have this whole life yet I barely remember any of it. I read the stories here and they seem to so in control of their astral bodies and project so easily. I guess my question is how can I gain more control of my astral projections? I astral project almost every night but I've never purposely done it on my own its always when I'm about to sleep. I have so many stories yet they're hindered by the fact I can't control my projections nor have a proper way of remembering them. Please can you give me books, websites or can you teach me how to astral project, I really need it, thanks.

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Chickenlady (1 stories) (5 posts)
5 years ago (2019-12-23)
Because the Out of body experience is so much like dreaming, remembering what happened in an altered state can be boosted by recording your dreams each day. Recording dreams should help you remember your dreams better and help you remember your other states better as well. There are many good books on lucid dreaming, which is very much like astral projection and those authors have lectures on YouTube you can watch for free. You should find their books at the library. There are people who are very knowledgable and the two best I know of are Stephen Leberge and Robert Waggoner. I also recommend Robert Moss for his Conscious dreaming book. To control the lucid dream they say to focus a couple seconds on one thing at a time and keep shifting your focus. Try not to get emotional at all and stay calm. They also say spinning will help stabilize the environment, but some people use spinning to take them somewhere else so it will depend upon your expectations and personal experience if that works. I suggest reading up on lucid dreaming and astral projection as they are both very similar and hard to tell apart.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
5 years ago (2019-12-16)
My other sister site is Everything you need to know is on that site (not to mention it's free). There are beginner's guides, articles, book recommendations etc.


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