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Astral Spider - Urgent Matter! (i'm In Trouble)


I'm looking for some help, rather urgently. An astral spider has been attacking my aura, or something. Or my chakras. I do not know, I am not a spiritual expert here.

But this has caused me to hear voices, but in the form of "thoughts", not actual voices. It also tried to take over my brain, so that I had no space for my own personal thinking. Thoughts that were not my own were bouncing around me.

Everything it created was fake and lies. Such as trying to convince me of things that were false, and it never succeeded, but it only annoys me all the time with these lies.

It's so horrible what this creature is doing to me.

Please help me urgently because I am "paralyzed in action" by this spider. I cannot do anything. It stops me from doing things. I can't be myself because I feel like I'm being watched all the time.

It makes me not want to live anymore. For more reasons than this this is an urgent matter. I don't have time to wait another day. I've been having this problem for 2 years now without getting any help with it. Nothing works. I'm thinking you guys could give me some quick fix to fix it.

Sorry if my English is bad.

Some details:

2016 Jan: I channelled my so called "spirit guides" (not realizing they were fake). Back then I had an ON/OFF button for everything I channelled and I still do, but for certain "entities" it doesn't work and I have no clue why.

2016 August: I channelled "God" (not realizing he was fake)

2016 August: I accidentally channeled "spiritual realm" (filled with angels etc, not realizing they were fake)

2017: I have realized all of my channellings were fake and tried to tell me lies. I try to get rid of them but I could not.

2018: Still have the same problem. I try like 10000 methods trying to get rid of them. They won't go away even though I know they are not there. It feels like they are watching me from behind.

2018: I have a vision of a spiritual astral spider, thinking maybe that could be the problem.

/Quickfixesonly (Claire)

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Catholic (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-27)
Why they don't respect God: They are spider monkeys mixed with human spirits from aztec sacrifices for the flying saucer freaks. Then they threw them in black holes as clandestine spirit prisons for spirits and animals that were sacrificed as offerings. Then they escaped as astral spiders from black holes and are half animal fugitives that are trying to hide anywhere where persons live alone, and are not compatible with humans.

They are voices of humans that were sacrificed and mixed with animals as offerings to an Aztec named Quetzalcoatl that has the form of a snake with feathers and that represents the devil, that is the reason they don't believe in God, because God didn't stop the sacrifices when their spirits were mixed with animals and insects and were offered to the devil.

The devil has different animal parts as a body. Because those animal parts were offerings.

Some of the favorite pets of Quetzalcoatl were spider monkeys mixed with human spirits as sacrifices. That is the reason for astral spiders, because some of those monkeys, spiders and human sacrifices were offerings and some of the flying saucers freaks thought they were being offered to them so they took them and threw them in black holes as clandestine spirit prisons that is why those animals mixed with human sacrifices spirits are very obscure and they can't be fixed because of the clandestine spirit operations that the aztecs and the flying saucer freaks that don't believe in GOD or religion, as they experimented and mixed humans and animals spirits as offerings and then they threw them in black holes as clandestine spirit prisons for spirits and animals that were sacrificed as offerings.
Paris411 (12 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-15)
Ok first relax. I'm having space bug problems too. It takes practice to weild an cosmic fly swatter. Nobody gets it right the first few years. Unless you some sort of pest control bruce lee.

The lies in your head are ones you learned from somewhere else. They won't go away without a lobotomy. Fear not everybody has those. Most idiots believe them. Your smart because you dont.
The voices in your head are voices you heard somewhere else. Tv school home the mall anywhere. They also won't leave. Fear not you may have a carrier as an actor or writer. Extra charecters in your head can be a real asset.

Its probably a spirit hitting on you. I figured that out and now the spider morphed into an angeless and won't stop loving on me. Best thing ever.
Love your enimies right.
Bless those who curse you
Turn the other cheek.
I hope this helps.
TruthWayLife (4 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-12)
This spider is a demon manifesting as a spider, messing with you. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only real solution to your problems, He actualy loves you. You opened the door to such entities by trying to channel things. Humble yourself before The Lord, ask Him to help you and to guide you to Himself. Do not put your trust in physical items or in people. God is real and you have a wrong interpretation of Him.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-10)
I am sorry for your plight and what you are experiencing. I had hoped that I could help you. Obviously I am not knowledgeable or experienced enough with only 46 years of study and experience currently to understand your issues. I hope you understand that I can't possibly carry on an intelligent conversation with someone of your stature intellectually. I must gracefully bow out and allow others much more experienced than I, attempt to help you with Your fears and concerns. 😕
quickfixesonly (2 stories) (4 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-10)
If anyone's interested in what 777 is. It's not God. It's not Satan. God = Satan.

777 is your reaction to the Truth of everything and some things I cannot say right now (only ones who are ready to hear will hear), sort of.
quickfixesonly (2 stories) (4 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-10)
[at] thulsadone

No. 666 is Satan. Satan and God is the same person.

God is like a drug. He's unhealthy for us all, but can help preserve things which need to be preserved.

666 is not praising fear. Fear needs to be praised, or else you will be attacked by angry spirits who know that fear needs to be praised.

I cannot give you any more information than this. But trust me, I am wiser than you.
quickfixesonly (2 stories) (4 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-10)
[at] ebonycat "I would like to ask for some more specific information, as I think I might have had a similar experience in my past. Does this "spider" appear slightly misty?" No, I had this vision very few times. I've had visions of spiritual viruses as well, and sea creatures I have phobias of (octopuses) basically.

"Do you feel a deep rage whenever you see it? Do you observe it in your dreams?" Yes I feel a deep rage when I see it because I know the truth which is that it's very illogical how this "spider" has been able to follow me this whole time and the way that it works makes me feel like there is an agenda behind it all. As if the source/God or whatever it is, is a dark force of evil. And I can assure you that it is. God is evil indeed. God is Satan. I rarely observe it in my dreams. One time I dreamed of it, it was a very intersting dream. The spider didn't look like a spider. It looked like a gigantic man, drawn with a black pencil (like in the music video "Take on me", except they had drawn an evil shadow man sort of), that was following a girl and she looked devastated. And told her friend that someone was meddling with her life. And he believed her. And promised to help her. Then, I had this vision of this shadow being something dark in my life. That something in the future was going to happen to me, that maybe would make people laugh.

"And most importantly, is there a room in your house that you're afraid of going in, that has always been in some state of disrepair?" The bathroom. Back in the day I would be able to be left alone in the bathroom since I had an ON/OFF button, but the ON/OFF button disappered for some unknown reason. I blame God aka Satan for this. God and Satan is the same person, that is just the truth. Not that I'm Christian, but metaphorically and truthfully, they can only be the same person.
Ebonycat (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-10)
I would like to ask for some more specific information, as I think I might have had a similar experience in my past. Does this "spider" appear slightly misty? Do you feel a deep rage whenever you see it? Do you observe it in your dreams? And most importantly, is there a room in your house that you're afraid of going in, that has always been in some state of disrepair?
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-08)
I think we have a language barrier. 666 is the number of the beast. It is not an angelic number. That might be some of your confusion. I would not praise fear or the number of the beast.

There is no shame in not being terrorized by Evil.
Read psalm 23 from the Bible to better understand my lack of fear of Evil. I know Evil when I come in contact with it and I do not cower from it. In fact I battle it and drive it away. When something screams in my ear it is trying to strike fear into me and is totally angered when it doesn't.

I have had people try to curse me before but to no avail. When I fear it is for other people and it is not really fear but concern for their well being. I have seen many people in need of help due to a bad choice.

We all make poor choices at some point in our lives.

I hope that you understand the meaning and the intent behind the God's Eye and why the design is the way it is.

The symbolism in the Cedar tree is profound in many ways. Did you know that there exists Cedars that are thousands of years old and still alive today? Look it up and be prepared to be amazed.

In closing on one subject. I acknowledge Evil exists and I am wary of it but I do not fear it.

What I fear is absence from my God and his love and light. That is my belief and I don't force it on others. I have been struck by lightning twice in my life and sustained no real physical injuries. I did get a view beyond what we see here and it was an eye opener. I saw some beautiful and horrible things and came away with a different prospective. 😊
quickfixesonly (2 stories) (4 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-08)
Thank you for your advice. Fear is essential to positive existence, though. Trust me, I am a very wise being.

It's important to watch out for anything that makes you feel like it's negative. Being fearless is a shame, not something to be proud of. Ever. Never in eternity. And I know why. I made all the mistakes, I was abused. I overlooked danger. I overlooked 666. I fell into a place you wouldn't believe exists.

To not believe in fear is 666. To not praise fear is 666.

My advice to you is not to overlook danger. Perhaps one of those dark creatures you have encountered yelling stuff into your ear is actually *me* from the future, after my death. For I will do demonic things for people who doubt my knowledge, and the truth of all existence, that is for sure.

You are a christian? Do not overlook 666. Do not overlook 666.

Follow my advice. Spread it all over the world.

I may seem like just anyone, but this is the only message you'd ever need. Just trust me.

And thank you for the help. I will make my own version of "god's eye". Something I find helps is looking at pictures of cedar trees, because I imagine the negative hallucination around me getting stuck into the trees. But eventually, I know, that it's just going to come back later...
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-08)
Hi quickfixesonly,Claire,
I am a psychic and also a Christian. I help people with this kind of stuff when I am compelled to. I was compelled to get on this site tonight. I notice no one has taken up your request yet. I hope I can help you in some way. I want you to know that in your situation it will take more than just a quick fix, but it can be dealt with.

If you click on my post name you can open up my profile page and read past posts. In one of them it will give you the instructions on how to make a GOD'S EYE TALISMAN. This is one of the quickest ways to deal with helping to protect you from negative entities and energies. It works well if done properly.

A Native American Dream Catcher can also help, but works best when made and tailored to your specialized problems. I have one that was made specifically for me and the work I do. I also have one that came to me as a gift or was passed to me from an Indian spiritualist. I did not buy any of them, they were bestowed to me. These people knew what I was doing and felt it would help me.

I do not ask for anything or expect it. My gifts are to be used to help people and they will be taken away if I abuse or try and profit from them.

For the time being you need to refrain from attempting to channel at all until you can gain control, balance and protection for your self. I will not preach to you, but it sounds like you might be dealing with malevolent entities. You may need the Creator's, Supreme being's, GOD'S, or whatever name you want to use, help with this issue.

You need to also find a Talisman or blessed object to wear or carry with you when you leave the house. Sometimes in certain situations I have a special stone that I found 1 day that I carry in my pocket. A voice told me look down there at that stone. So I did. It said pick it up. So I did. As soon as I picked it up I felt it vibrate in my hand and it felt instantly warm to the touch. In certain situations it helps me tune into or block certain energies. It is a blessed object that I use. Sometimes I have other objects I carry depending on what I feel is coming at that time.

You need to calm your storm and focus. You need to gain control and center or balance yourself. You then need to work hard on removing fear from your daily life. I use meditation and my beliefs to handle many varied situations and threats. I can call on many varied gifts to help me do my work. I lean on God to guide me when I start to drift off in the wrong direction. But that is me personally.

You need to find your own path as we all do.

It took me clear up to the age of 48 to discover a fact that I just kind of felt or believed in until proven. I took a DNA screening test that my wife convinced me to take. Come to find out I am half Gypsy. Actually my great grandmother came from Bohemia to America, but the DNA is from Romania, Latvia, Estonia, luxembourg, carpathian area also. So kind of cool to find an unknown link that might explain some of the gifts I guess.

You need to make the God's Eye right away. It will be instantly effective against your Astral spiders as you call them. They are basically paranormal parasites. You need to follow exact instructions on making it and understand and believe in it's backing for it to work. If you go at it half heartedly it won't work like it should. That is your first defense for your safe space and build from there. It has worked in the past for people with the same issues. If you need additional help just post on here and I am sure someone will answer you.

My belief is that in these situations GOD is your best defense. You don't have to agree but I know what has worked for me and other people in the past.

P.s.don't believe all the hype in movies and on TV.

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