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Astral Physical Footprints


Dear Community,

It's been at least a few good years since I have last posted and I am happy to be back.

I wanted to get this community's opinions about a specific subject and something that has occurred recently as there is no other place I see fit for that better than here.

So, today I noticed while I was cleaning the house that there are some footprints on my floor that seem to belong to some animal. *note that I do not own any animals/pets and I do not live in an area with animals therefore I can assure you that there is no chance of an animal entering my apartment what so ever.*

Now, moving on to the proof, I will attach a link right here with images of the prints so you guys can see that, it had only 2 prints, so like an animal that would be walking on it's 2 back legs? I'm not sure to be honest.

Someone I know suggested it is potentially something or some animal from a parallel universe. I could agree to that because there is nothing else that this could be, no animals were in the house.

Here are a few links to these images so you can see what these prints look like



What do you think this could be? Some animal from another world? Some being?

And tell me if you have ever experienced something that is similar to this

Could this mean something bad or should I just not pay attention to that? Regardless I am very curious as to what this could be potentially. And if anyone here experienced the same incident.

Thanks for any helps - appreciate it


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