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Repeating Telekinesis Dream


I have turned 18 a while ago, and I've been having these strange dream that have been repeating itself from time to time.

The dream's idea is Telekinesis, the fact that in each one of these dreams, I am able to move objects with just thinking about them, same goes for elements, fire and water specifically.

I have those dreams repeating all the time, yet the only thing that changes is the people in the dreams, or the location.

In each of those dreams, while performing the "telekinesis", while moving an object by thinking about it, or bending an element as mentioned earlier, The feeling is 100% real.

The feeling of a lucid dream, like when you feel something outside of the dream, that is how I feel that I am "trying & doing" it.

Now, It may sound crazy indeed, But After every dream of this sort, I feel this power, I guess if that is the right word to describe it.

This power is the same power I have in the dream in order to move the objects.

It feels like I have already done that, and it should not be that hard to accomplish this in real life.

So I thought of giving it a shot, and trying it.

There I took some pencil (small object to start with) and focused on it for some good 5 minutes, I have started seeing some kind of energy around the object, And had this headache right away (considering I have these strange migrains every other day)

I had this headache in a specific location in my head and it felt horrible, as if someone hit me with a hammer. Heh

So, I am confused. I do not know what all these dreams mean, and what should I do.

P.s >> I am a druid, I work with energy manipulations for few years now, so Yeah. I can keep an open mind for every answer there is.

Thanks for reading.

Hydra ->

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MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-15)
I've had dream about passing through solid objects.

Every time it comes up in my dream, it always goes through a point of mental preperation.

Sometimes I can do it, and sometimes I can't.
The times I cannot, the object feels solidin my dream.
cyr (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-15)
i have also had many dreams about moving objects, the last not more than a few months ago. It feels very real in the dream and I should add that the mind is very powerful while moving things in dream state - I just look at something, wish it to be at point B and before my eyes it zooms to its new place without being damaged- like it's being controlled by a powerful magnet.

I have always felt that this is something that's a part of my soul only that I don't know how to access it in waking life 😢

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