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Any REAL experienced medium please come forward. I have always had the dead speak to me, I can speak to them. I can feel them from a distance away. I come from a very very abusive childhood and always thought it was from that experience why and had several experienced mediums explain to me that's why I experience what I do daily. I see them often rather persons, animal or different forms of dead riding on the top of cars, in buildings, All over etc. As strange as it sounds they have always shoved me, pushed me down, scratch me, woke me up, make me choke (like take my breath away), ect. As of late, I have one that will not go away. I have tried salt, sage, telling him to go away. He pushed me so hard in my drive way in June 13 that I broke my hand/finger and a week later he shoved me hard in my backyard to where I fell again. I could NOT tell the ER doctor what happen to me because I did not want him to laugh at me like the last incident where I had bruises all over my back side and my head. I just cried. Most of them I can handle. Most of them cannot scare me anymore. Every once in a while I get one like this figure who won't go away and tries to harm me. This one goes too far and out of his way. I just moved and he is with me again in the back seat of my car as of yesterday and scared the heck out of me when I was coming down the freeway. Last night I heard "growling" all night and strange music in my bedroom. This morning I came back from taking my son who is a nurse to his hospital job at the hospital and this figure was in my car again.

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bird (5 stories) (23 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-03)
Some of these are your demons which you must deal with in your life. They stem from your negative experiences in your childhood, and are manifesting as physical entities. Having the life you have had has opened you up to seeing yours and other's "demons". I don't know if this is coming across correctly, as I can only state things as I get them. Forgive me if I do not sugar coat it - I mean well. I suspect as you work through your issues and come to terms with who you are you will see less and less of these things. You have kind of conditioned yourself to see mostly negative and evil things, does that make sense? It is rather easy to send these things off when you truly believe in your soul that they need to go. I suspect you don't want them around, but on some level you almost find it comforting? Again, this all is coming off the top of my head, which usually is my most accurate info. I am a bit rusty, but I have had many different experiences with many different areas of psychic ability. Almost anytime I have put what I see out there I have been correct.
HitTheDeckBoys (1 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-11)
Thank you Ms Anne:) I think your advice hit it right on the head in many forms. I have seen shadow people and paper people in the past but not like this " gentleman". I have tried a little in the past of hey I would never hurt you WHY are you... I always try to deal with all of "them" with my heart and understanding that most of them are just stuck and don't want to harm anyone. And I have many who are just evil and would hurt anyone in the way. This one just seems to have attched himself to me. He has been with me all week now and done nothing but look at me. Hes not even speaking now. Hes a young man who seems to be confused. Anyhow everyone hang in rather psychic or medium or you know someone who might be. I'm off to do a cleansing of a old home here in Arizona with a another psychic.
HitTheDeckBoys (1 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-11)
Be her support Joni and don't speak to her in a negative way about her conversations with you on what she shares with you ie No you don't SEE such and such or HEAR such and such and know that animals and children are more sensitive to see and hear "spirt" than adults. Most children grow out of it. Just hold her hand and say its okay. She is going to get a flock of negatives from non believers. As she gets older start helping her to find out what kind of psychic she might be. Many different types as strange as it sounds. I see only negative forms, My doctor friend sees only spirts walking in the white light...ect...Lots of luck to you both...
Joni437 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-08-09)
Please read my comments to the post for the person below:

Can I Help My Daughter With Them? By spradlin09

Her posted was listed 2 before yours in line on the site. This is just a child, a 3 year old little girl, so as I have deep compassion for her, it is for you also. Please read the few posts I placed there. There are so many uplifting vibes available to us... And many people are especially gifted for negative entity formation removal.

Think love, be love, do love, help others and your expression of selfless love will magnify. May peace reside for you in all you do and around you with No Harm to None. ❤
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-08-09)
Those spirit forms are all around all of us. Just because some people may not be able to see, hear or feel them does not mean that they are not there because they are. The question that has to be asked is, why are they pushing and hurting you and not the majority of the rest of us? There is generally two answers to that and it can be one or both and potentially more. One is that when a spirit form can detect that a human can see them, they want attention. Those beings you see are 98% on the lower astral plane because they did not develop over this lifetime to ascend to a higher plane or something is here that is holding them vibrationally (wanting to be near someone, refusing to believe they died, addictions, etc). So this means that the typical reaction to you will be negative because that's the plane that you're resonating with. The next step for you is to raise your own vibrations so that you'll experience less of that low level plane and start seeing the higher planes and move from these negative experiences to seeing angels, guides and light beings. So the work falls on you, like it does on all of us to move from the lower planes to the higher planes. We all die and the work we do now on our own spiritual self is where we'll end up in the afterlife. Get a good look at those ghosts because they are the humans we are and see every day of our life. This is an important lesson to all of us to be mindful of our spirit walk while inhabiting this physical shell because 'this too shall pass'.

To increase your vibrations can be a slow process or a much faster one if we get the one primary express way ticket and that's figuring out that the love emotion is the highest vibration we can possibly hold in our hearts and minds. Live like Mother Theresa and you'll have an afterlife in the highest of planes. Live like Charles Manson and you'll be the one depraved and attacking psychic mediums that are susceptible to this activity.

I know this will sound almost impossible but I too have dealt with negative low beings and over time, I started to present them with unconditional love. And those "attacks" morphed into a mirror of the love I gave. Try it and stick with it, and you'll find this happening to you too.

Thanks so much for sharing.

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