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Any Help Or Assistance Appreciated. Here's My Story


Thanks for taking the time to read me story. Any advice or help is appreciated. Please stick with me through the explanation; it may be lengthy or jumbled at parts. But if you have questions or need further explanation just ask.

Hey there! My name is Dalton, I'm 18 years old and I am a guy (I don't know if that matters) I am a Christian, but not like the average one. What I mean is, I'm not close minded as many Christian's tend to be. I think that there are co-existing dimensions. I don't think Heaven is above us, nor Hell below; but instead they both exist on a different plane. I also believe that God gives everyone a "Gift" and some people are lucky find it, while others run from it calling it crazy or putting a "scientific" reason behind it.

As for family experiences, my Gran-ma herself actually saw two Angels. Both Angels had six wings; three on each side wrapped around there body as to "cocoon" them. I also know my Aunt has had dreams of people dying, and they would come true. She has also been "attacked", she was at work resting in a room and then these shadows appeared and something was holding her down; she couldn't move, breathe, talk, nothing! My mom, aunt, and I have seen a, for lack of better terms, "Shadow" person; it has been around since they were little. My gran-ma saw a "Shadow" smoke. I have a great or 2x great aunt which practices witchcraft, but I think it is the black kind. My great gran-ma has actually died, talked to God, and came back. My cousin and another "cousin", actually a close family friend but might as well been family, had a little girl friend ghost and she had a gran-ma. We know it wasn't an imaginary friend because the babysitter, another close (might as well be family) friend, would catch glimpses and also her kitchen would be messed with. Like cabinets open, food on the table, etc. Oh, and I don't know if this makes a difference but this is all on my mom's side of the family. There really isn't much that I know about my dad's side. And I kind of feel like there is something being hidden from me about my family, not just me a couple people in my family.

When it comes to my personal experiences, there has been many; I'll just start from the beginning. Actually, I've had, what I call, paranormal/supernatural experiences for as early as Pre-school that I can remember. What I remember is one time I feel asleep at home in my gran-ma's bed and then woke up at pre-school at nap-time. I remember being scared and laying my head back down, then opening my eyes and I was back in my gran-ma's bed. This actually happened a few times. I would be at pre-school waiting for nap-time because I knew that once I lied down and feel asleep I would wake up in my gran-ma's bed. There is one time though I remember waking up at pre-school and all the kids were standing around me looking at me. To rule out the first sign of doubt, I actually have talked to my gran-ma about this. I asked her one time recently if she ever picked me up from pre-school when I was asleep at nap-time then would lay me down on her bed when we got home. She laughed and said that it was a silly question but no, she had never picked me up and me be asleep. (She only had to come pick me up from pre-school early once, and that was because I wouldn't let the teacher in the bathroom.) So then I told her what I remember, but it was like something changed. She then said that yea she picked me up from pre-school and I would fall asleep in her car and when we got home I would go lay on her bed.

Probably around Kindergarten, I started seeing inanimate objects look like they were breathing; including pictures. I also would see images form on the objects. I would also see a slight "static" in the air, even when my eyes were closed. I actually would, at night in bed, close my eyes tight and cover them with my hands to make everything pitch black, what would happen was amazing. The "static" turned into bright solid white streaks, which at first looked like nothing, but as time moved on and I focused more and more would change. It started making pictures and images, and like the colors inverted; the white streaks turned black and the blackness turned white. Though I can't remember what they formed, I can remember it always felt like something was being told to me but I could never get all of it because the slightest noise or movement and it all disappeared. Then, there is a section of my life I can't remember that well. In 2nd grade one of my cousins that I was very close to was killed, in 3rd grade my great-grandma passed, then in 4th grade my dad died. It was one hit after another, when my dad died it opened up sores for everyone because my mom's dad was killed when she was 2. So those years of my life are a blur and fade together. So I don't know when it was but one of the scariest things happened to me around that time. I woke up one night and at the foot of the bed was a white man in a black tuxedo with black slick-backed hair and there was a golden glow around his body, but there was nothing nice about him. I remember not being able to move, or talk, I was horrified. The only thing I could do was watch as he walked from corner to corner of the foot of the bed, talking in some strange unknown language to shadows on that wall. I finally could move and got the covers over me and fell asleep. I then must have had a dream about what I should have done, because it happened again but I could move a little and woke my gran-ma up and we prayed and he disappeared. But the next morning she didn't acknowledge anything, but I know the first time wasn't a dream.

After the man nothing happened for quite a while, and then about a year after my dad died it started back up. I was having déjà vu, but when I was awake! It was nothing big, but I would just see things think they happened but then they would happen a few minutes later. Like someone walking into a room, before they walked into the room. But I would only see body parts, like a foot and leg or hand; I never knew who it would be until what I saw happen happened. Then there was nothing again, until high school.

Even though the paranormal and supernatural always has interested me, I never looked into until high school. I never openly talked about it, but I could sit at the computer hours on end looking up stuff. I especially liked looking for white magic spells. I remember the first real one I did that worked, it was a spell to make all lights green for me; never had to stop once or even slow down for a stoplight the whole day. Then I was seeing stuff about aura and chakra and looked into it, but never got anything to happen. So after the failure I gave it a break for a while. Then a friend I had was talking and I overheard her. She claimed that she could read minds, and that she had had "flashes" of the past come to her, but it was like angels and demons when she would. She also said she could tell if someone else had a gift, because those people she couldn't read only their gift. Well needless to say I joined the conversation, but not divulging anything about me. We decided to put her to the test. She couldn't read any of our minds, instead she saw gifts. One of the girls she told had the gift to see ghost, but she laughed it off. She told another girl the same but it wasn't like normal, she said she could see the past. This girl didn't laugh it off, she was shocked; that was because she could do what my friend said, she just never told anyone. She told us that there were others that had gift but the only one I remember was a girl we all knew. She claimed that this girl could control time, but she didn't know it and we couldn't tell her because unless trained she could do serious damage. Then she looked at me, and I smiled (I think I thought of tacos) but she just stared and stared. Then finally she said, I can't read you, like at all. She said I know you can do something I just don't know what and I know you have had things happen. I just looked at her in shock.

So then I started back into looking into everything this time more energy based searches. That was when I came across stuff saying how to see energy in air, so I checked it out and read the instructions. But when I got to then end and it said that it will take practice but you will eventually see the energy, it'll look like "static" in the air, I was shocked. I didn't have to follow the directions because I could already see it; I had never realized that it was something not everyone saw. So that really kicked me into searching on energy and auras. But it was tough and I didn't know what to search so I gave up. I did better through that time though; I spoke up more, especially when it came to God. Then something new started, I started seeing things; but not the crazy way, though I thought I was at first.

The first thing I saw, and I'll never forget it, was a woman in a purple jumpsuit pushing a purple stroller into the street. I didn't realize she wasn't there until I yelled at my mom and looked back to see she was gone. It really scared me, I would occasionally see someone sitting on the sidewalk but they weren't really there or someone standing somewhere. Those weren't bothering me because it didn't register until later that they weren't there. Then I had a bad one happen, we had just left the creek and I was hanging my shoes out the window letting them dry, just mainly being silly. Then as I turned to look at them outside, I saw a person in a cloak running along the car. I got so scared I pulled my shoes inside and rolled up the window. But this thing was kind of familiar to something I saw long ago (which I forgot to mention earlier). Once when I was a theme park for Halloween my family had rode the haunted train ride they had. Even though it scared me, mainly because I hate the dark and loud noises and I get so full of fear, the scariest part wasn't, I found out afterwards, part of the ride. While the show was going on in the field on one side of the field I had turned my head away, but what I saw was even scarier. I pulled on my mom's arm and had her look and one the opposite side of the train (which was the side my mom and I were on) and straight lined up with me and my mom was this dark looking creature. It had a cloak on with the hood up, its eyes were red, and it looked like it had claws; it scared the sh*t out of us. We had my aunt and her kids turn around, they just looked and turned back around. We found out, when we were talking about the scariest parts and my mom and I brought up what we saw, no one else saw a thing. When they turned around they didn't see anything.

So then there was another pause one my journey. As time went on I would look every now and then but nothing much. I found myself thinking about different things a lot though, just having conversations with myself about it. That was when I started thinking about how I think God gives us all a gift and if God gave it to me, then why should I be scared.

So I started accepting everything a lot more, even though I barely understand any of it. I even started noticing things that I wasn't noticing before. Like I noticed when I'm alone I feel empty and sad, but when I'm around people it's different. If they're mad and fighting I just get mad, if they're having fun, I'm in a fun happy mood. Like when I would go to parties and people were drinking even though I didn't drink I felt relaxed and acted silly, depending on my comfortability with people around, and I didn't get the side effects that people did from drinking too much. I also noticed sometimes when I felt like I was talking to myself, sometimes I didn't feel like me thinking it. The only thing I see lately is a "shadow" person, I first saw him in my gran-ma's car and I think he is evil but tries to fool. He couldn't move and when we played the Christian station he left. Right before we got rid of the car he started moving around from side to side of the back seat, and we thought he was gone. I saw him a couple months ago, he walked out of my aunt's hallway turned his head and I felt like he was staring at me. Then turned his head back and walked straight towards the wall. Lately the only things that have been going on is; I hear walking or breathing or opening and closing of things, The "static" has gotten more and more there all the time, and If I concentrate I can feel my energy and feel it move to my hands.

Well, that's my story. Sorry it was long, I just felt like I had to explain everything and plus I haven't really talked to anyone about it. If there is any advice, help, sites, etc. That you can give I very much appreciate it! I just would like to better know what is going on with me, even if it is not supernatural/paranormal. And if it is, then how can I strengthen it and control it. Is there anything neat I can do with it? Like I've seen things that say everything is energy so if that is true and I can see it can I do anything with it?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give! I look forward to your comments.

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The_Scientist (4 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-24)
Hello Dalton
Your story is definitely similar to mine own. I have had a shadow person around since I was born but I believe he is more of a protector than anything. He is usually there whenever something supernatural happens to me. Though my family has had it's problems with demons. You may be linked with something that has a connection to a dark spirit. This happened to my brother when he was little, two red eyes would chase him around in the dark of his dreams at night. My mom talked to a psychic and was advised to cast out the demon firmly, sort of like an exorcism. I would love to hear more about your experiences, I find it extremely helpful to know that someone is having specific experiences like myself.:) Hope this helps!
lauterb (110 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-20)
Dear Dalton

We are all Mediums! A sound strange but it is true. Some of us already manifest their skills; others are not ready or never will be ready. At the beginning of the development of your mediumship (we can develop/have several mediumships) may look messy. The important thing is to know, and here you are right, God give to everyone what it is necessary for its evolution. Evolution means become a better person every time, helping others because the only way is through charity. The correct use and for the good from your mediumship is the best you can do for the others. I know you guys in the U.S. Do not really believe in Spiritism, but all you have experiencing is very well documented over 150 years. I found an American website that contains books that can help you and I'm sure you will see yourself in these readings.

Below is a site with 2 books that I recommend to read:


The same as we have to study before get you practicing lessons to get a driver's license, here applies the same, study before practice otherwise you can have an accident.

Lots of light and discipline
Joni437 (guest)
9 years ago (2014-01-20)
Dalton, to help further your understanding I can say this if we come from a place of love and don't look to hurt others while respecting their lives and space...

I have a self=made quote 'your experience is not my experience' that keeps me from being too critical in thought of judgment... So the things that happen are a reflection of what we do perhaps and it seems to all be one big life experience of learning... Becoming a identity that we can identify with strongly and boldly but full of help, also.

I tell myself much throughout life when others do not so good things, that they just have not learned what another has learned or put their heart out to feel the pain they may cause. Some people are good at laughing off the pain others cause them, they know not to take it personal and they don't allow that pain to become part of their experience... Many many times since I was little this is how I lived.

In all this stuff, I look up at the stars and know their are trillions and then some different stars and what not, so anything is possible to happen, stay strong in your reflection of kindness and peace then perhaps as I stay in that hope too, that is the vibe that will keep returning to me/us.

You know you speak of that shadow guy, if you keep reading from others on this site alone you will find many seem to experience that... Even people like 'Doreen Virtue' psychics, etc. Experience that... One way to pull away from any negativity is to heighten your compassion. Do for others, think with your heart, anything, little things help.

It is like life said 'hey, I told you to love and I told you to be compassionate to one another and not to deceive.'
KaalaLilee (5 stories) (42 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-17)
Dalton- Well there are a few different things you could try. Praying works for just about anything (I believe Michael is the angel of protection).
You could also try the "White Light" approach, which involves going into a medatative state and picturing yourself sitting inside of a brilliant white light. Perhaps if you tried this on a larger scale, you could protect the whole house.
One more thing I can think of to try would be crystals. Amethyst or smokey quartz are supposed to be good for this. You could try carrying a small piece of one around with you, or, if you'd like to protect a house, you could place one piece in the front entrance and the other in the back entrance. These also work on individual rooms when placed in all four corners.
Hope this helps!
(If these don't work, I do have a few more ideas).
DaltonB777 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-17)
Thanks Joni!

Do you have any other tips on furthering my understanding of all of this?
Joni437 (guest)
9 years ago (2014-01-16)
Hi Dalton,

You really do have the answers you are seeking because you mention them... For example, if you notice good environments uplift you then make sure you are part them... If no one is around, and if its daylight around get some direct sun and think only happy naturistic thoughts... Do stay away from any dark thought because dark cannot be allowed in if you do not participate in dark... Get it? That is why it is impt. Never to do any witchcraft of dark... I believe if you are good at heart, keep your intentions pure to help others and make it clear to the universe that you won't allow harm to come to others, then your path will be better through out life... Like you I did all the research for years... I am not your age anymore I am 42, but I have had my share of being darn sure I would not become part of anything unpleasant... So I had to fight hard to keep up the good fight of faith, hope and at all times, love even when many did not deserve it in my mind.

Try making you a log of what you would like to see happen for yourself throughout life and even so in your mind believe for it training yourself for positive things and people to intercept your path... Knowing every time something dark comes up you will push it to the side and have nothing of the sort to do with it.

Ask yourself what am I after in this life? And wait in diligent compassion while helping others who are in need... Keep tight to your hope.

And if you notice playing certain types of music set a better tone for what happens, then keep to that, too... For the most part laugh a lot, play games that bring laughter, etc.

May you make all positive changes and fare well.
❤ joni
DaltonB777 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-15)
Thanks! Like I said anything to help out. 😁

What would you suggest for ridding this "Shadow" Guy? We've done christian music and putting bibles around, but it's like it just holds him off. But he finds ways to slip through every no and then, as to let us know he's still there.
KaalaLilee (5 stories) (42 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-15)
Wow, what incredible experiences! I really wish I knew more about this stuff so I could offer you better advice. It sounds like the angels your grandma saw were Serephims. However, as that observation is based off a book I've read, I wouldn't guarantee its authenticity.

It certainly sounds like you have a gift with energy, and are likely an empath too. The best way I know of to strengthen any ability is meditation, so you could try looking into that. People often recommend crystals as well. Perhaps you could try creating a psi ball (you can just Google how to create them), I bet you'd be good at them!

The shadow man you keep mentioning sounds dangerous. You may want to take steps to rid yourself of his presence. Maybe try a cleansing ritual of some sort, but try not to anger him, or he may lash out.

I'm sorry that I couldn't be of more help and address more of your concerns, but I hope you found this at least a little useful! Amazing gifts by the way, it sounds like you've got quite a few!
Best of luck 😁

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