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I Keep Hearing A Voice Talking About Super Natural Stuff


Here's the deal, I think this voice entered my head a year ago, and it says I am somewhat the element of light. It says it has been looking for me from all over the world, and that it is certain I am the girl. Also, the weirdest thing is, it says I have been part of our past. This week I was in a bad mood, so I- without thinking- chose not to believe it. Ever since that, bad lucks been coming to me. Today I hit my foot, hand, and butt (xD). I tripped and hit the wall and blah blah blah. Yesterday, I hit my fingers and my foot. OWW! The voice says it's some angel from god. Also, I met this girl and we became BFF's and what happened? Like last week, I was having a bad day and I never told her about all of this. But then she says, that a voice in HER head, says it has to help me. And she said there were some many others things it told her, but she couldn't tell, It also said she had to help me find my destiny? I DIDN'T EVEN TELL HER ANYTHING ABOUT THIS VOICE. Then this guy says to me, he has to protect me or something like that. I didn't tell anyone about this and it's super strange. The voice says, I am special and to achieve my super natural powers I have to gain 3 "keys". 1. Believe in myself. 2. Show someone what true friendship is. 3. Save someone's life. What's going on with me. Also, if I ever tell the voice to do something. It usually happens. Oh and once when I was in school I was walking back from the library (to get the papers I printed) and 2 boys were walking towards me and said, "Hi" The weird thing is the guy that said hi doesn't know me. The other knows me (in his class) and he didn't say a word. Then I saw them walking off somewhere, when I entered my class, those same 2 guys were there. Am I going crazy? What should I do? Plz help, and I hope you believe me.

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Joni-luv (2 stories) (39 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-30)

You must know something about your family situation, your involvement with them... God is in control, is the very first thing we know to be the absolute truth, if you say and believe it is so that whatever is not right in your home should be corrected, it will be corrected. Love never pushes people away, it grows people together, no matter how bad it may be, that too can change. God is love, so we must be love, and that has the highest ranking to dissolve any fear or bad happenings in someone's home or surroundings. Some are fortunate, it happens in a moment, in a sudden flash of change if we are sincere in heart... Try this, for me, do something... Whoever is causing you grief... Look at them as though they were a little child, heck even get an old photo of them out, and know that the picture you are looking at is a person that can grow into love and great change can be reformed in their lives... At the time you view the picture, realize you were not born yet, you were not a thought yet, but in the future you are here to love them and change life for the better, that is your power. Keep in strong good moral behavior but at the same time love all people, etc... Choose to see the good, which keeps us from judging them... And keeps us loving them.

It is fabulous that your spirit voice can help you with the future as some do, but believe in the love of yourself and the power to change others to love, that is how you change your life. And if any great good circumstance comes around to give you new living conditions, it is okay to do that too, just know whoever you leave behind, you leave them with love, no less.
jodenx12 (70 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-24)
Within Skepticism in Spirituality it is strongly recommended (in the area of spiritual being communication) to learn techniques to test the spirit. PsychicJR does have a point, there are beings that can choose to walk up to you and decide to be your friend and look out for you, but they do hold a motive at times. Usually for a spirit to communicate with someone out of nowhere in this way could mean that they know something about you, as you can hear them and not many others can. I personally suggest for you to research a bit more on Angelic beings and how they behave and some techniques to test the spirit to see if it truly is an angel. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Zin (guest)
10 years ago (2014-07-21)
Fairly interesting...

Now, to start I would some things are simply coincidence, such as the hi. As for the voices, they are an something to look into I would recommend seeing if it is a spirit guide or not. If it is it could assist you with expanding your psychic abilities.

Hausta von teil
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-21)
The voice can be four things
Or your subconscious

People that have the a voice in thier head or people with schizophrenia use thier subconscious to make a decision and psycics can use the subconscious to use thier abilities

I only say watch out for the voice cause it could be a demon they are EXTREAMLY tricky

Best wishes
tilmitt (5 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-18)
First of all, that's amazing. You're not going crazy. Test the voice. Ask it questions and lots of stuff. I am going through the same thing. Last year this voice entered my head. It said it was a spirit. But in fact it was testing me. This year it revealed itself as my guardian angel. I believe and doubt it at the same time. I'm 14 and I talk to it a lot. The voice is the angel talking to you with telepathy. Well, the voice in my head says her name is Barbara. She is really nice and tells me lots of warnings and advice. She also tells me the future and it ends up true! She said she started to talk to me because she wanted to help me out with my life. My life is messed up. Just now my life COLLAPSED. Now my guardian angel is telling me that my home is not fit place for me. (it certainly isn't a good place for me). She told me that she will be aiding me to achieve magic (powers). And once I get my powers she will be visible to humans and she will help me run away from home. I believe and doubt this at the same time. Well good luck to you with the voice! Bye! By the way, if you want to email me to talk about this situation email me at [at]

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