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I am a shaman, but I still have a lot to learn. This is one question I've been asking so many different websites and I love to get feedback on it because I still don't understand it.

Every June in the same week every year I have a dream about people with the heads of animals, sheep, lion, dog, wolf, cat, tiger, donkey, you name it. Every year one dies, a man wearing all black always kills them in the most gruesome ways.

Last June the animals that were left were the wolf (power animal) eagle (totem animal) and a lion.

This June however I did not have the dream, now it's July and I'm wondering why I haven't had the dream yet. Could this mean I've found my animals and that's all I need to know from the dream? Or could it be something different?

On another note, I have been doing spirit guide meditations for years and years. My spirit guide though, does not want to show his face. I know he is male, he is tall, and white. He calls out "follow me" and we go to a meadow where he stands at a distance and watches me as I walk the meadow in bare feet.

Sometime he will also say the word "Matt" I don't know if this is his name or if he is telling me something about someone named Matt, I can tell he is calm and relaxed, never anxious, sometime his face starts to go clear but he disappears, it's very frustrating. So my question why won't he show me his face? I a more than willing too see it and I embrace him but he never shows his face. And how can I make him show his face?

I meditate every night and try to connect with him almost everyday, maybe he's stubborn? Lol.

If you know the answer to either of these questions I'd really appreciate it if you commented!

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Vic_Gallant1995 (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-22)
Thank you theoreo that's a lot of help!

The wolf always shows himself, so maybe Matt is showing himself as a wolf and a human?
theoreo (6 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-22)
I believe you're spirit guide is a familiar- an animal guardian. I have one myself in the form of a cat. You should not force him out, it took my spirit years for him to ever show me his face. He preferred to be an animal. It took him years to even show me what animal he was.

In saying all this I believe his name is in fact Matt. Is there ever one animal that's always reoccurring or that stands out? Don't try and force him out, he will only recoil, just let him come out when he thinks it is the proper time. Don't think that they can only come in dreams too. They can come out in psychical form. Has there ever been an able you were attached to or one that roams around your neighbourhood? Take into account of all these key things.

If this dream is reoccurring I believe he is trying to show you something. Exactly what, is unclear. And yes they do have personalities too! Lol! My spirit guide is rather obnoxious most of the time and stubborn like a child.

I wouldn't be too concerned. At least Matt has made his presence known, baby steps, baby steps. Some are also more powerful than others, like people too! Some are younger or older. Mine is nearly a century old.

Don't rush it my friend. Just let it flow and when the time is right everything will fall into place.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-18)
It has been said Totem animals are traits.
The head is symbolic of thoughts or a mind set,
Attachments,desires,habits etc. All bring suffering and kill
The soul with pain. It can feel like a living
Gruesome thing to experience and live through.

In the path of Medicine people are many tests,
The individual must shed or die to self in order
To be a new or renewed instrument, or as is said
Rise like the Phoenix out of the ashes.

The remaining are what are needed for the work.

You already know if M is the guide or you are waiting for M. The bottom line is once it is clear and you know that you know. You will no longer ask because all will flow when the time is right.

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