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I don't really know when was it but but I kept on dreaming that someone is going to die but then it happen I was so confused and then I kept on getting deja vu every single time I go somewhere. And the next day I was sleeping an saw something that the memory wasn't mine and when I told my mom about it she was saying that it was my uncle that died before I was born I was so confuse because I never seen him and I keep on dreaming about him like maybe is one of his memory and I saw his death before my eyes, right now I

I'm only 16 years old and every single time I be on my room by myself I feel like someone is always beside like theirs nothing bad about it but I always feel like it just watching me but something happen I felt a touch on my shoulder. No one in mu family could see shadows like I do but I want to know if this is normal because I always feel a huge pressure on me like someone is on my back. I want to know why I'm experiencing thing about dreaming things that sometimes comes true but I wonder what is out there and how can I control my dreams because I want to understand of what is telling me because when I dream about something and it comes true I always have bad luck and nothing is good about it, I really don't known nothing about this things. The reason it keeps happening is because I was feeling depressed and anxiety cause of my school days and I had a family issue but I was feeling really down an started seeing things, when is night in my bed watching something on my phone I saw a face in front of me.

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the_real_me (1 stories) (18 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-15)
i skimmed over your story it seems to be a spirit guide and a dead loved one, try meditating when you "feel" them and try to see if you can communicate if you want.

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