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Taking On My Son's Injury As It Happened


I am still processing and am so thankful to find this site in order to share such an experience. I was picking my son up from daycare and went into his class to kind of play with him and gather his belongings like I always do, a soft exit if you will. I was on the ground with him, next to the small wood table the kids eat their lunch at. Him being 10 months old, he takes daring wobbly steps here and there. So He tried to step from me to this table and lost balance. We all can guess how this goes.

But I saw this part in slow motion. He tried to reach out with his left arm to catch himself on the table. His reach fell short and he was headed chin first on the table. I did not have enough time to grab him but somehow had enough time to have the full thought, "he is going to chomp on his lip and have a busted lip". I saw his injury happening.

When I reached him, he gave me a look of shock but did not cry out and to my surprise his lip wasn't bleeding. I opened his mouth for further investigation and nothing. He was totally fine.

I grabbed his backpack on my shoulder, scooped him up in one arm, and with my other hand reached up and touched my own lip. I tasted blood. There was an open cut as if I had knocked my teeth onto my lip. It was fresh, painful, and bleeding.

As a mom I always want to take his pain away and have actually tried to absorb it (like when he's sick etc) but this time it actually happened. I truly think that I absorbed his pain and transferred his injury to myself in that split second of seeing it in slow motion. I felt anxiety overlapped with the other extreme of complete calm; it felt like collided energies. Has this happened to anyone else?

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