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My Spiritual Journey


I had experiences before but this one sticks out as a vivid memory that I'll never forget. Few people know this, I wonder how others interpret this out-of-body experience.

I lay in my bed and I feel the familiar tug of being lifted out of my body. Usually I let my guardians take me where I need to be, but this time I had a choice. "I want to see God" I thought and I zoomed to a place I've never been.

It was a tan building with battered standing walls around this torn courtyard. The ground was overturned dirt and misty with broken arrows around. I'm wearing blue everything. Blue headwrap same color tunic and pants with no shoes. There was this person in front of me and they too were wearing the same color as me. Looking around; other people were in blue.

"Hey you're here, good, now we need to blend in and get inside this building."

"Ok but who are you?" I asked.

"Later we need to go."

A moment, I walked behind them a fair amount of distance to cause no suspicion. There were guards wearing black modern armor but they held spears, knives, maybe shields. The person I followed was stopped by two guards and I somehow bypassed them, so I lingered to see what happens. Next thing I know the person I followed pulled out a knife and stabbed one of the guards and yelled at me to run. I ran following the person.

"What are we going to do now?" I screamed.

"You have magic, use it against them." As we ran up the stairs to the wall.

I thought of random words and waved my left hand behind me and whatever magic shot back worked. I used several other incantations until we found another set of stairs and I put up a barrier so they stopped at the stairs, but I missed one. I pulled out another random word for mass memory wipe and touched one guard to affect all other guards. It worked and they went back to where they were before we showed up.

"That could have gone better."

"Maybe there are less guards at the sides, maybe an open window to get in unnoticed."

"Huh. That's a great idea." They were about to leave.

"But wait; Who Are You?!"

Looking at this face, it was pale, the eyes I think we're dark. Yet this face was neither masculine, nor feminine. It looked at me and smiled. We were talking normal before by using our voices. This was different. Never had I had such a spiritual connection before. A voice echoed in my head.

"I am the first and the last; beginning and end. I am the Father of Everything..."

Before I left to go back to my human body, I leaned in and kissed this face that was like porcelain. A mask.

This was the first time I've held a spirit connection outside my body for a long period of time.

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