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Strong Intuition, Or Death Clock?


As time went on, I have this ability to see into someone's soul. I have known this since freshmen year in high school. All I have to do is look into someone's eyes and see who they really are. If they are good, I know that they could be trusted, but if they are hiding something, then I will tell my friends to not trust them.

My intuition has sharpened since, I think, middle school, and I didn't know that until junior year. I could tell if someone is lying, or is going to lie to me. I try to use my intuition at any time; I can also predict people's futures. On the bus, this one time, I decided to guess on where a few people are going to get off. So far, I was correct. Every one got off that the bus stop that I was thinking of.

I would watch the Maury show every once in a while and I guess the paternity test or the lie-detector test, and I have been right on almost every one of them. My friends support me on my psychic abilities that happen to me. If they meet someone new and want to show them to me, that usually means that they need to find out if they are worth being friends with. I didn't know this until my cousin was dating this one guy.

My cousin, back in high school, showed me her boyfriend and I liked how he made her happy. Although, I felt that there was something in him that was going to change his spirit. It did, when my cousin was pregnant. I became this very insane person and I wanted her to end her relationship then and there. She didn't believe me and continued. Years later, she broke up with him because he was about to either kill her or himself. I thought that he was unstable for a committed relationship and taking care for a baby. She said that I was correct in my distinction. I don't want to hope on hopeless relationships. Now I have this same exact feeling towards my best friend's, since kindergarten, relationship with her boyfriend. I want to protect her, even if it does hurt me more than ever.

I think with my intuition, and because of that I may have given my grandfather more time to live. He recently passed away, but I can't shake the feeling that I given my life time to him. In December of 2006, maybe, when I heard that my grandpa didn't have much time to live. I was practicing my power by conjuring the arch-angels. I prayed to them to take two years of my life to him. He beat the doctor's distinction and lived to be 86 on Christmas eve, of 2009.

I still call upon the arch-angels, and now my other grandfather might not live within this year. I want to know if I can give up my time for others, and to see if this grandfather can live for just one more year.

I feel that I need to leave my hometown in Alaska. My reason is that I feel like an outsider in my family; a burden for them to ignore. I really do love them, and I love my friends the most. It's because of my friends that I, also, have to leave.

I will die for them, and live for them, to take good care of them. Each one of them is unique, and for each one they have to keep me sane. I have been trying to get away from everything and have been suffering since then. I am still suffering because my intuition is too sharp and I know it might be the tool to end any of my friendships. I almost lost my best friend because I absolutely hate her boyfriend and want her to stay away from him. She only half listened to me. She told me that she would listen to my advice on love, since her first time falling in love with a guy that I did not like. Now I feel like I have to leave my home to somewhere new. That way, she can sink and swim all by herself, and if she needs me then I'll send for her.

Are the eyes the gateway to someone's soul? Does my intuition bring out the better of me? Does my time go away if I give out my time to save someone I want alive for just one year? Will I go insane because of everything that goes on in my life? Do I give out time for the people I love? Or do I have the power to exchange other peoples time and have the dying have just one more year to do what they need to do before they pass on?

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quixoticqt (2 stories) (53 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-20)
Adaryn7 is correct about the eyes and intuition. I will raise my hand and second that *smile*

Yes you can help a person live longer on earth. NO it doesn't take away from your years.
It would be better to ask God himself/herself rather than the archangels. I say himself/herself because I believe God's a hermaphrodite. He/she can create upon blessed words. This God gives both women and men power equally, nothing like catholics believe; Men are the dominate species. I believe both women and men have the power to be great at anything they put their mind to.
Angels are just the messengers, sure they can help in dire need but they can only do so when told to do so.
❤ Qt
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-19)
Yes, they do indeed say that the eyes are the window to the soul. There is an Eagles song called "Lyin' eyes", and I think it's very true that even though someone may smile and say all that they're supposed to, "there ain't no way to hide your lyin' eyes"!

As for your intuition, it is a useful thing to have. I'm glad you've learnt to trust it, I've regretted it every single time I haven't. Sometimes, what you feel can be at odds with what seems to make sense--but don't ever doubt your gut feelings, even if everyone around you tells you you're crazy. In the end they will see that you were right all along.

Wow, Alaska! I've always wanted to visit, it seems like such a beautiful place! Cold, but beautiful. Just last night my sister and I were talking about doing a nature tour in America together one day...;) It's a shame when you feel you have to leave your family, but I think some time apart will help your relationship with them. I have some fundamental differences of opinion with my parents as well, but the less time you spend together, the more you miss one another and appreciate the times that you do see each other. ^^

Peace and blessings

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