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Intuition, Or Just Coincidence?


Ever since I was younger, my mother has told me that I've had a guardian angel. I am the biggest skeptic, but after similar events keep happening I don't know where else to turn.

When people anger me bad things happen to them.

Just today, a woman poured her drink on my sisters shoe, because you can't bring drinks into a concert, within the next ten minutes she and all of her friends were arrested for something completely unrelated.

A girl cheated on my brother a few months ago. She was an AB student in college. Two weeks later she wasn't enrolled in any classes and no one has really been around her since.

I was bullied in middle school by a girl on the bus for a while. One day she just made me so angry. One of my friends that saw me on the bus told me my pupils grew for a few seconds then dialed back down. The next day, the girl didn't get on the bus. She switched schools and I haven't heard anything about her since.

Many other incidents have happened that I'd prefer not to talk about but these are not as hard.

A man came into my job and told me that I was anointed by God. He said to start writing down my dreams because from the previous ones I have had sounded like prophecy.

There was a girl that made fun of my sister a while back. She spread rumours around the entire town about her. She took a vacation with her family somewhere and returned back to school in a brace after being injured somehow.

I'm not one to believe in this type of stuff, but from what's happening in my life recently I'm not sure what to think.

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ufw57 (39 posts)
1 year ago (2023-03-03)
You are special in every right way,

You are the one's born as: [Earth Angles/Star-Seeds/Light-Workers/Shadow-Workers/Humanoids/Watchers & Defenders of the Earth].

Most of you are Water & Air Signs: [Aries or Libra].

I would suggest reading about Indigos, Crystals and Rainbow-Children. [Or the Sacred stuff,]

But from the [view] of your story:

I would recommend a rather simpler way in figuring out [Who You Are]. Why [You] Came To Earth, & What You [Can Do] To [Accomplish or Finish] Your [Mission].

It's Not: "Why am I here?",

It's, Who Am I? And [What Should I Do?] or make Practice-OF-To-Live-A-BETTER-LIFE!?.

(Warning: A lot of Star DNA⁴² & Alien RNA¹² will be activated while you are reading.)

Go read about Blue Ray One/1 Beings.

There are still few articles available & I think none is distinct from the other.

I also have a good friend of mine called Shekina Rose. She teaches The Language of Light & Channels Angles and Extraterrestrial Beings (Goddesses). Her website is:


She wrote Birth & Life Stories/Blueprints, about the Blue Ray Starseeds or The Blue Ray One Beings coming to earth to exist & help humanity for the 1st time in their lives.

There is a full category about this in her website.

The Blue Rays' weren't born here because the Earth had to move from the Unknown/Old 3rd Dimension [3D] way of thinking to a way harmonious & higher vibrational way of living, healing, knowing & caring for ourselves & each other.

Most of them come from higher rays of creation like [The Blue/1st Ray of Creation & The Violet/Female Ray of Creation] were many Central Sun Disks are located.

Past life Star Systems Included Are: Pleiades, Sirius, Orion & Andromeda.

Colonised Heavenly Bodies Were: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune & Pluto's Moons.

Some of them have the First Modana written In Their Names, While Others Are Born Within The 7th Root/Foot Race of Creation.

Although Many live in 3rd World Countries, That is the place were Mother: The Creator, Mother: Our Natuer & All Other Worldly Vibrations are the strongest.

This meaning:

More Protection and (The Access) To Relms provided for them from:

1.The Seen & The Unseen.

2.Paranormal Worlds and Planes being available for Guidance and Support.

3.Free Visible Knowledge of how [Higher Planes] came to exist.

4. The Ability of Seeing and Communicating to:

(.A.) Angles.

(.B.) Spaceships.

(.C.) Interstellar Satellites.

(.D.) UFO's.

(.E.) Aliens.

(.F.) Famous Ghost's.

(.G.) Entities.

(.H.) Extraterrestrial Life and Plants.

(.I.) 3rd Dimensional Planets.

(.J.) Planes.

(.K.) Time.

(.L.) Geometry.

(.M.) Sacred Religions.

(.N.) Pyramids.

(.O.) The Living & The Dead.

*All of this is happening in the 5th Dimension, [5D]... Going all the way to the 10th Dimension, [10D] as we are Speaking!. Most If Not All, is: Astronomy!...But What The Heck...!? DO IT!√ (LoL😂). We are fine👽.
ariannegvoyance (1 posts)
1 year ago (2023-02-17)
Here is my theory:
Numbers are the only way to verify, look at numerology to understand that even math is part of the magic of the universe.
I am a clairvoyant and a professional and independent tarot reader in France.
I do not communicate with the beyond, I have no guide, I have no angel, I have never been in very real contact with an entity, I have no path that speak in my head, etc.
The only connection I feel is the one between my feelings and my deck of 78 tarot cards (a unique tarot deck, made and imagined by myself).
My feelings and my cards give me ANSWERS that come to me and are obvious to me.
Mathematical and statistical laws give 50% (50/50) response rates if the person has no gifts.
Above 60% is naturally impossible, it is inexplicable by current science and this rate should never be reached.
I was the first surprise to see that after 3 years of analysis, I had a rate of:
> 79% correct predictions!
> 14% prediction not realized
> 7% prediction errors.
So to find out if you have a psychic gift, take notes and calculate your rate of correct answers, if you exceed 60% on more than 100 predictions, there seems to be a gift in you.

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