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Intuition, Or Just Coincidence?


Ever since I was younger, my mother has told me that I've had a guardian angel. I am the biggest skeptic, but after similar events keep happening I don't know where else to turn.

When people anger me bad things happen to them.

Just today, a woman poured her drink on my sisters shoe, because you can't bring drinks into a concert, within the next ten minutes she and all of her friends were arrested for something completely unrelated.

A girl cheated on my brother a few months ago. She was an AB student in college. Two weeks later she wasn't enrolled in any classes and no one has really been around her since.

I was bullied in middle school by a girl on the bus for a while. One day she just made me so angry. One of my friends that saw me on the bus told me my pupils grew for a few seconds then dialed back down. The next day, the girl didn't get on the bus. She switched schools and I haven't heard anything about her since.

Many other incidents have happened that I'd prefer not to talk about but these are not as hard.

A man came into my job and told me that I was anointed by God. He said to start writing down my dreams because from the previous ones I have had sounded like prophecy.

There was a girl that made fun of my sister a while back. She spread rumours around the entire town about her. She took a vacation with her family somewhere and returned back to school in a brace after being injured somehow.

I'm not one to believe in this type of stuff, but from what's happening in my life recently I'm not sure what to think.

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