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Last night I was out in the lake for a swim. When I came in, I got ready to settle in for the night. I have a large wall clock that runs on batteries. Well, I was looking for my game show to watch and looking at the time on the wall clock. This clock has been on time for the past 7 years. Last night it was exactly one hour behind the other clocks. At first I though "power outage", then I remembered it's a battery run clock. It was weird my son and I actually were trying to figure out the time, even though we were looking on our phones and devices. It messed with us for a minute. It was keeping perfect time, not running slow just one hour behind. The time on the devices was 9 pm and on the wall clock 8 pm. Could someone shed some light on this. It was running on the same time when I left the house to head outside and pick weeds then swim. What was so strange is how my son and I were actually "confused" about what time it was.

The lake we live on is revered by the First Nations people here. My father always said to respect it because she is very alive. I have had one person tell me my house is alive as well and I need to listen. Would all of this have something to do with what happened with the clock? Also, I don't think it likes the person I live here with, my husband.

He tried to tell us this morning that the battery was dead, it wasn't because I'm the one who changed it. He set the clock to match the others and it is still keeping up. I am still checking on it, my son mentioned a "Time Loop" happened without us noticing.

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ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-12)
I have witnessed a pendulum clock in a house stop and then later start up on it's own again. Sometimes there are other forces at work in some buildings.

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