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My Development With Electrokinesis And The Occurred Problem


I will start from the very beginning! In about 5-6 months I started practising meditation, got into more occult topics and started to develop my spiritual path. Didn't think of anything then, but as I progressed and began to get into more deep, trance meditative states my body was starting to produce electrical impulses through my entire body. At first, it happened only when deeply in meditation and I could feel my whole body tingling with electricity and energy, but lately, I began to do it on will with less than 5 minutes of focusing, sometimes even for seconds if I feel an energy stimulus. I have developed a technique on how to call electricity and trained my brain to connect the word with the feeling so it produces it on will. The problem is that I can't control the outcome - lamps flicker, listening to music glitches and skips a beat, the TV happened to glitch as well. My TV is old, like those big TV's back then, I sometimes unwillingly start to make it produce lines and the screen starts to glitch if I focus on it I can enhance the effect - reproducing it. The problem is that I can't start it, I want to master this art. The latest things that occurred is that as I was listening to music on Youtube, the video completely stopped - it hit pause which has never happened before. I was emotionally out of the normal, near to tears, but I don't know how I sent a request for the pause or if emotions are the clear pattern. When meditating these glitches occur more often but still, I can't clearly find a pattern. I am asking for some information, books maybe, knowledge about it, how it works, can I induce emotions and make electronics around me glitch or there is another pattern. Anything helpful is welcomed!

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Krisstofer (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-15)
Hello ThulsaDune,

I have had issues with street lights go out, had an experience with a friend of mine where a street light flickered and did crazy stuff. Having problems with youtube right now, it hits pause on its own and sometimes twice in a row. I have felt electric charges on places where there shouldn't be felt or most people would not feel as on the touch screen of the phone and so on. Also, I sometimes charge myself so much I need grounding because if I go to sleep with too much energy I just wake up tired.
Newbeginning (17 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-12)
I had my third eye opened three year's ago and I was saved and God closed it for me. But since this was opened, I see into the spirit realm and we have two demons that I have seen for sure and four white spirits of light and love. Antway, one evening I was just sort of zoning into the blank tv screen. The tv was off. I started noticing movement and the objects were getting bigger and bigger. I then felt my body to into this weird tingle sensation. Like I was jellow. Even my mind. I was so relaxed and felt no fear. Soon after hovering shockwaves two demonic beings that by believe were hiding in the tv set. They have tiny grey tornado swirling for Texas that outlined their whole body. I believe it was their energy I was seeing. I have never reproduce hate, such anger than I felt while looking each one in the eyes. To their left four white spirits appeared. They were so bright. Almost blinding. The whole shape of them was filled with bright white lights. A peace and love U had never in my life felt before. I knew my authority in Jesus but after my outgoing also was looking up at them let out the scariest cries and creeches, I ran to turn the light on. I regret it. I know if I would had binder them and rebuked them, they would've had to leave. You see, My eyes and the way they look changed after my third eye ooened. You can see a bright for of a light in each pupil. I believe the light in my eyes angered them and they came out of hiding then to attack me. Anytime in looking into dark, I almost always manifest a beung. I will start to gaze into a tv again and when in start getting thAt transe feeling sgain, Inter scared and stop. What I forgot to tell you was when I got in the transe, I SR everything around me as energy. Not as a object but just like electric energy. It lasted about ten minutes. My body felt numb and weak. I know I am going through what they call spiritual warfare now. At 46 I've lived a selfish life of parties drugs and dumb chouces. The second and I mean second I felt a presence I started having more problems with demons. I'm given messages about unsolved crimes that have taken place along with the place, date and James randomly. It plays out as scenes of one's life on my bathroom walls. Everyone sees it and when they try to scrub it off its like it's part of the design. I feel like if I go into another transit can command leave sonce they are both in fighting more above me. In spiritual warfare you have to stand in authority against demons. You hated to know your authority and have your armour of God on. I never ever believed in any of this before. In fact I just wanted to know the truth of life after becoming clean off opiate addiction. I didn't know how dangerous messing with the occult was. I didn't know about protections self with white light. I didn't know that when your third eye is open you are a m the house in a demonic an and attract darkness. I wish I could say this was also dream but it's real and when I get this cra p out of my home, get healthy in my mind as this has caused me another anxiety, My hope is to help anyone out There who may need it. I have three years and counting of activity going on here. I can't move but even if I could I refuse to allow darkness to take from me everything I have worked so hard for. I had no one when this all began and still dont. H hope is that no one else feels as alone as I feel right at this moment.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (108 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-12)
Usually you have the gift or you don't. If you do it will get stronger and more cumbersum at times. It is very difficult to control and often reacts according to your moods or intentions. Sometimes it slowly builds up like a battery and just discharges into things and people. You need to be very cautious about your temper or anger, because it sometimes is a form of self defense that you may not have full control over. I have the same gift but it has taken me decades to learn to control well and I still have issues sometimes. I have learned to anticipate or feel it building up and need to ground myself in nature away from people so that I don't affect them. I also have trouble with electronics and touch screen electronic devices. You are not alone and others do deal with it. It can be a curse or gift depending on how you accept and learn to live with it. There are no good books on it. Most are frauds. Do you also have street lights go out when you pass under them?

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