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Electrokinesis Help To Advance


I have been doing electrokinesis for aproximatley three months, and am able to generate small amounts of energy at will. Some examples of this include the fact that I can drain energy from people nearby, I can shock people by building up electricity in my hands, and I can occasionally read people's minds. I seriously need help with advancing, for example, I have no ideas of any exercises I can do to increase my power potential. I am fourteen, and as such, do not have much experience with physic things or bio photons, which allow such things to occur. I also really need help to generate both negative and positive energies, so I can create a current with electricity.

If you need more information about me:

I am developing an eidetic memory, I am working on improving my IQ, I have OCD, I can usually control it though, I am an only child, I sometimes believe that I am not from this world, and I am a Christian, though I regularly doubt it in its complexity, and it's utter and complete devotion in a book written by Jesus 300 years after he died. I am working on becoming more emotionless as well. My parents were in the desert and saw multiple UFO's two months before I was born, and I can here extremely high pitched noises that most people can't. I heal from injuries quickly, and I can fight diseases extremely quickly as well. I have multiple pets, and I was able to communicate with my snake by thinking, it was donated to the reptile gardens. I can see blue and black in the What color is the dress. I can see the future in dreams, though it rarely happens anymore.

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