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Chakra Healing And Basic Energy Work


From what many people have told me two essential things to unlocking your potential in psychic energies are your chakras and basic energy work. At first I was very confused by this, so I looked it up. Starting this is quite simple, as well as being difficult. Personally I would start with your chakras, this will help everything else to be easier.

The first thing you should do when dealing with your chakras is finding out which ones need the most healing. You can do this by simply typing 'chakra test' into the google search bar. You want to look for one that will tell you which of your chakras are the most active and which are the least. Now I don't know if these tests are completely accurate, but for me the result did seem to fit with my daily life.

The next thing I would do after finding out which of your chakras need the most healing, is to look up 'chakra healing'. From what I have read there are many ways to do this. Some of the things that I am going to try are meditation, and music. Each chakra has a hand position that is supposed to help open them up (with the compliment of visualizing them and the healing actually taking place.). Along with the hand postitions, each chakra is associated with specific colors, notes, stones, and various other things found in nature. For example the root chakra is associated with the note C. To find all of these I would look up 'chakra notes'.

Once you have read up on your chakras and how to help heal them, the next thing to do is start practicing. I would start with meditation, practice visualizing the chakra and its position. You should start with you root chakra, since it is the base chakra it is the best option. You need a good foundation before you work on the rest. As you work on healing your chakras you should notice some changes in your energies, they should be stronger and able to be more directed toward your particular ability (s).

To start off on your energy work I think it's best to learn about the particular type of energy you want to work with or already have an aptitude for. Learning about the ability you want to work with will help you to understand how to use it to your best ability. Once you've learned what you can it should be easier to practice with your ability.

I hope this helps some of you. I don't really know much about this stuff, but I don't see many posts that explain how to do some of this stuff so I though I'd give it a try and see if I could help somebody out.

Please tell me how it goes if it works or doesn't help...

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