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What Is This And How Do I Make Contact?


My name is Daysie, I am 18 years old, and I have a something. I don't know what or who he is, but he's there. I can feel energies, which is one of the ways I know he's there, he's made entirely of energy. I say he because I get this feeling that it's a he, I still don't quite know why. Every time I get upset, like if i'm rageful, or depressed he comes. I know he's there because I can feel his energy, or presence if you will, in the room. I also get this tingly feeling, in different areas of my body, like right now I feel it in my shoulder, it can and tends to be in more areas at once, like across my upper back extending down my shoulder to my upper arm, as if someone were to have their arm around your back. It feels warm and comforting. Like he's touching me to reassure me or calm me down.

I've felt him ever since I can remember, which is not very far (probably a couple of months to a couple of years) due to memory loss that gets worse every month. My best guess as to when it started I would say probably around my 8th grade or my sophomore year maybe. Somewhere in or around there. I do know it was in class. I don't remember what I was feeling or thinking, knowing myself I was probably wishing that I had a boyfriend typical of a teenage girl. Suddenly I felt this presence and then the tingling.

He has helped me through most of my emotional problems. He calms me down when i'm close to a rage, or in a rage (which happens a lot, and no one has ever been able to calm me then.) He lifts my spirits when i'm in despair or depressed. And when I feel like everyone hates me and/or wishes I was dead, he snaps me back to reality and helps me remember that they don't or they would have dropped me a very long time ago. He is kind of my light in darkness. The feeling I get when he is around is one so unexplained that I could only categorize it as love. It starts in my chest and resonates throughout my whole being. The connection I feel with him is so strong that when everything else seems broken the only two things that stand with me are God, and him.

Aside from his reassuring touches, I have no contact with him. And I would very much like to change that but I have no idea how. I don't even know what he is. Is there anyone who could help me?

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xcsx (1 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-24)
Hey Daysie, I'm pretty new to this myself. (I'm Colton by the way, I'm 21). But from the sounds of what you're describing, I'd say he is probably a spiritual protector, or guardian angel, possibly even a deceased family member. Also, from the sounds of it, it seems that he's been with you awhile and he doesn't seem malevolent whatsoever. Warmth, what you're describing when he's near, could never be bad. In terms of contacting him, most people that I've spoken to about this would probably suggest meditation. During meditation, you call out to him, or try to envision him. If that doesn't work, just try the typically calling out. I know it seems awkward and you'll feel stupid, but don't second guess yourself. There's a reason he's contacting you/been with you for so long. I'm glad you have this "man/being" in your life. I'd take solace in that at least. I hope I sort of helped you, in some way. Best of luck to you, Daysie!

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