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Lights Flicker Whenever I'm Around


Here's a little about me so you can get an idea of what's been going on before I jump into what's been going on with me.

I've always been out of place in my family. I can sense things they can't, I understand things that they don't, I can hear things nobody else can, I've had prophetic dreams, I am an animal magnet... And so on. For as long as I can remember, lights flicker whenever I, specifically, enter a room. I've paid attention to see if it's just electrical wiring, and it's not. My friends will enter into a room and the light won't flicker, but whenever I enter the same room, it does. The same thing happens with street lights as well. My phone also freezes a lot and has a lot of problems when I use it, but when someone else uses my phone, it's fine.

I'm posting this out of concern because of something that just happened to me. I was in a room by myself, and this room has always flickered the most intensely, that I've noticed, when I'm around. Except this time, the lights completely shut off. I went into the other room to see if the power went out, and it didn't. My family still had light and electricity in use. This has never happened to me before. I am gifted, but I'm not as in touch as I'd like to be, so I don't really understand why this happening and why the lights went out completely this time. If anyone has had similar experiences, or you think you know why, please share your thoughts. I'm rather concerned.

Also, if you have any suggestions on how I can expand my physic abilities and be more in touch, that would be helpful as well.

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ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-11)
Hi. I kind of agree with part of what Concerned_Princess and Delta-Lynx both are talking about. I have the same experiences you are talking about and a few differences.
I sense, affect and am affected by electrical fields. I can wave may hand over a compass and spin the needle. I can't wear watches because they just quit working or keeping time. I can't use self check out scanners without screwing them up at the store.
Light bulbs always blow out on me in my home and flicker. It get's frustrating sometimes.
I also have street lights go out overhead when I am driving. I can feel the buzz and pulsation coming off of transformers and motors. Computer controls do odd things when I touch them.
I cannot use biometric security scanners on ipads and phones. They just won't work properly or the way that they are supposed to. We had an IT professional try over 20 times to set up a finger print style biometric security scanner on me before giving up. He was very confused as to why it would not work. We got it to work once and the next time we tried it, it would not work or came up with no match. He tried all my fingers. We got 1 scan that will work on the left edge of my right thumb on bout a 1/4 inch strip. It some times takes me 10 tries to finally get an unlock. They gave up and gave me a 12 character alphanumeric passcode.
I know all about those experiences and you are not alone. I also get tremors, vibrations, fidgity and amped up long before lightning and thunderstorms move into my area. I am a human lightning rod and don't dare go outside in lightning storms. I was struck by lightning when I was 7 years old. It came out of a power outlet in the bathroom in our house traveled three feet bounded across my back traveled another 2 feet and blew a chunk of porcelin off of the cast iron sink hangng on the wall opposite the outlet. My mom said I was unconscious for 2 minutes. She was just walking in to wash her hands when it happened. I was sitting on the tub bent over tying my shoes. She said I just fell forward onto the floor.
So yeah I got that too. I know what you are dealing with. I also am good with animals and they seem to be drawn to me.
Ok now for the scary bits. Yes I agree that you need to become familiar with praying for protection. You need to understand that messing with the dark arts will attract negativity and evil toward you. It is like sending up a signal flare saying here I am come find me. Stay out of the occult. Don't play with ouija boards or cast spells or perform rituals.
Some times evil entities will pull energy from things in the environment around you to manifest. I have been around when this stuff happens and witnessed it firsthand. I believe some of us psychics can sense and attract these things. It does not necessarily mean you are bad or doing bad things, but if you affect energy fields around you it might be possible to attract their attention. You are protected from harm in this realm if you don't break the rules.
When people try to bend the rules and make contact with the other side they weaken their protection and open themselves up to attack.
Whoever wrote the movie constantine got it spot on and must experience things similar to the same way I see and sense them.
There are so far very few people on this site that understand or believe the information I am trying to convey to people. I am not a fear monger or trying to scare people. I just want them to know exactly what they are playing and experimenting with sometimes. I hate to use a movie reference but, it paints such an accurate picture of what is out there if you turn down the wrong path. There is a seen in the movie where he and a psychic woman are walking down the street and all the street lights start to go out around them and all the building lights drop out and kind of herd him and her into 1 area. That scene I witnessed 1 night and it played out just that way for a group I went with on an investigation into a haunted area. A couple of psychics asked me to go with for input. It turned out that it was not ghosts or spirits that needed help moving on, it was something else. Let's just say that burning sage was not going to help.
So what I am trying to say is get right with GOD first. Get balanced in your life. Understand the difference between good and evil. Don't fear things that go bump in the night. That is what they want and feed on. GOD will protect you. Love is powerful and a protection in and of itself. Practicing in the dark arts comes with a cost. Don't fear gifts that GOD gave you but, learn to understand and refine them. Being a prophet is not evil just read the bible.
Negativity attracts more negativity. You make your own reality and future because of free will. Enjoy your family when you can.
Delta-Lynx (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-11)
The same thing has happened to me lately which I have found it very odd, I have been thinking like the previous post said that is Electrokinesis, but I doubt about it, this things can be highly related to the Spiritual Realm and the Negative beings that inhabit this places. Just for the record: In early January 2017 I did practiced Psychokinesis and I had a bad experience with it, I believe God warned me not to continue with this occult practice. Just to notice after that I was committing an abomination to God by doing PK which is Witch Craft, it says it in the Bible. I strongly believe the light flickering on a room has something to do with Fear, feeling really sorry about something or thinking that your doing something really bad as of your soul or holy spirit is warning you and you don't listen. Based on my previous experiences it happened to me when I concentrate too much on what I am thinking (as of an idea) or an object (as of just staring on a marker) and you barely blink your eyes, but it has also happened to me that even with blinking it can still manifest. Also it happened to me in February of this year that when I feel very sorry for doing something that I know is wrong, but I just do it because I had a rough day and I want to "clear my mind" well... You won't, that very bad thing is Sinning with Knowledge. (Note: that only in January I practiced Psychokinesis (PK) and I ended the practice in late January). I suggest you pray in the name of Jesus Christ if there's any Negative Entity around you or your house like a Jinn it will vanish when you Pray to God by Faith. I am a Full Christian with very high knowledge on the Bible and the Spiritual Realm, not a religious dude.
Concerned_Princess (6 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-20)
The only thing I could think of is that if you were feeling scared or angry as you walked into the rooms then maybe you could have electrokinesis

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