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Light Experience In India


I was 25 when I got to India many years ago, I experienced after some time in the country, a light came inside me and enveloped my energies and spirit whole, from that time my sensitivity and perceptions of the world changed.

My taste for writing developed and I started writing, poems,

When I came back I was not the same as before, seeking something, writing again.

At some point my Aunt died and it was during October, I felt a presence over me in my bed passing from left to right and then waking me up with his feet.

I've seen an aura over my cousin head too with her son beside her,

And I have also experienced mirror effects with people who I was close of heart with them, like I was speaking to myself with this person in front of me, and light healing with them too,

I've experienced a light healing from my mother too.

During a trip to turquia in konya I have experienced the same type of presence over my bed, but more controlling presence,

I can tell if a person had parents problems easily if they are open just by sensing their negatives energies, I decipher people with ease.

I can read people mind from time to time

I'm very interested in seeking answers about these spiritual and psychic experiences I had, and to live this life to the fullest and get older so I can experience more of these, but I know I won't get all the answers from this lifetime, I always think of human experiences such as working for money so much boring compared to spiritual experience but I guess we must pass trough materials activities to deserve the spiritual ones.

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