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Shadows That Chase The Light


I have never really shared any of my stories or encounters with unknown creatures. It was like any other night I just got done with my shower and walked out to smoke a cigarette in my Jeep. When without any warning Mom opens door and turns off all outside lights. When the darkness settled my Jeep went dead. All it did was click, click, click. In my head I thought " Well battery is dead." When the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of my sideview mirror and saw them.

Out the top of my roof come out these dark shadows with eyes that glow bright red. They look like a type of animal I only counted three. I quietly shut my Jeep door, but they seem not to even care I was there. When one caught me looking straight at it. I felt chills go down my entire being. An all things went silent not a frog or a cricket made noise. Then the shadow figure gets up an the other two start to look straight at the trees in front of me.

I turn and was even more frightened to see six other "Things" not shadows, but white and green glowing almost human like beings look straight at me with glowing round white eyes. When two made their way up the trees stop halfway and look right at the shadows. I turn to look back and the shadows pacing back and forth as if ready to pounce on prey.

Four of the glowing beings were smaller than the two that almost looked about 3' tall. They leaned in as if whispering than slowly levitate to the top of the trees and vanish. Than the other four wisp into the woods, and the shadows chase after. The Jeep than completely died, not even a click, when it was all over. Every single animal in the area was frightened (stray cats ran out the woods, dogs barking and howling, coyotes whimpering away, my horse startled, and calf's crying from their huts) as if time stood still in complete silence.

Never have I seen anything, dreamt, or envisioned ever seeing what I saw that night. If anyone can give me a slight clue to what it was I saw comment please. Here lately I've been hearing noises like faint cries of help come from all around me. I've seen shadows move in trees. Have had the eerie feeling of being watched. Why on the first of August two days after my 27th birthday?

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Creature_of_Darkness (9 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-13)
I have little to no knowledge on this sort of thing, but that does not mean we can not speculate. Do you think this implies that there is somewhat of a threat toward any potential ghosts and other supernatural beings (if any exist) within the 'afterlife'? I have read off a Satanist article which states that spirits and entities like it are capable of feeling acute pain, much like how we feel physical pain, and that a spirit's energy can be drained or lost to the point that they could dissipate from reality, only to awaken a significant amount of time later with little to no recollection of the past. If this article was true and if it is implied to your experience, one could infer that it is possible for the spirit world to host predators of a sort, like a 'devourer of souls'.

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