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Sensitive To Energies Around Me


I am an avid lurker and member of another site in yourghostories. I found this when I was trying to post something related to psychic phenomenon. I need a little bit of help on explain what kind of phenomenon am I experiencing. Ok here goes, I quick background on me. I am usually very sensitive to energies around me and with that I feel certain emotions connected with it.

Like for example when I enter a house, sometimes I had this experience that I can feel that there was this overwhelming emotion of sadness and only to find out something did happen on that house that was quite tragic. One of my recent experiences was just this week when I was working. I am a Nurse, I was working with a patient that was not doing good and a family member was there (a daughter) who spend the night with her mom. We were doing everything for her to make the patient comfortable and as far as I can remember I was even polite and cheerful towards the patient and the daughter. Around 3am in the morning I went back again to the patient's room because they wanted something. Although the daughter was not saying anything but I was focused on the patient, I felt this strong sensation of "Annoyance". I brush it off as probably it was me and I am just annoyed but I know deep in me that I won't think of that to the patient, so that baffled me. The strong sensation of "Annoyance" was palpable in the air as I was inside that room. I shrugged it off and stepped outside of the room as I need to do more things to other patient. Fast forward to next night when I come back to work again. The patient went to hospice, but we did everything we could last night help make her comfortable. I was shocked when a family member (not the daughter that spend that night with the patient), informed us that we did a poor job on taking care of the patient. They said they had a rough night. I shrugged it off because we knew we did everything we could, only then we realized maybe the daughter (the one who stayed that night) was disgruntled because she couldn't probably get some sleep as the patient was also awake most of the night. I kind of realized, was that why I felt that sensation of "Annoyance" when I entered her room?

Another experience is when there's a certain person, while talking to her I experienced this so called awkward sensation, I can feel it. Then out of that awkward sensation came a thought that just brushed through my mind like something about a divorce. While we were talking she made mention of things of what's going on in her life and she mentioned a divorce she's going through. I of course felt sympathetic and told her she will be ok. Now my question is, how weird was that? I already knew about her problem even before she made mention of it.

I have done researching and I came across about the so called empathy, where one can sense emotions of other peoples or places. However I'm confused, can empathy carry surface thoughts sometimes? Like I can tell things from a certain emotion I feel. I don't know how to describe it but I'll do the best I can.

It's like I feel this sensations or emotions. I have learned to differentiate it sometimes from my own emotions to a perceived emotions because sometimes I feel these influx of tingling sensations towards my body mostly head, face, or arms. It's like a static electricity and then with that I feel those sensations, and with those sensations sometimes out of the blue I will just think of something, like a passing thought, which maybe ridiculous or unrelated to what I was currently thinking of that time. That's the best I can describe this strange phenomenon.

Can anyone tell me what exactly "It" is that I am experiencing?

Thank you and god Bless.

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pilgrim (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-13)
Hi DarriuxDarkk

I think you are an empath. You are sensitive in picking up on other people's emotions and you tend to feel the effects of them whether it's something to do with you or not. You can learn to develop psychic protection to "protect" yourself such as by visualising your own shield of white light. In this way you will not feel so emotionally drained.

Many bright blessings xxx

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